Full Moon ritual with the Ced Tradition

Please join us for a Full Moon Ritual! Saturday, March 7th Presented by the Ced Tradition. Saturday 7th March 8pm, come join with us for a Full Moon Ced Coven celebration and working as we gather with our most amazing traditional witchcraft community! Please also bring a ... Read More >

Artemis Bow Moon Ritual with the Ced Tradition

Come join members of the Ced Tradition for an Artemis Bow Moon Ritual! Out of respect to us, please abide by the law: people need to be over 21 to drink.  Adults who are over 21 are asked to please be adult in their drinking approach and drink responsibly so we all get to have ... Read More >

Dark Moon Ritual with the Ced Tradition

In this year when so many of our community have been called to grow and adapt, the role of tribe has become more important than ever. In our ancestors’ time, the season of harvest was the time to begin preparing the gifts of the land for the dark times, and our tribes’ survival. ... Read More >

Wolf Moon Ritual with the Ced Tradition

The Ced Tradition Coven presents A Blood Wolf Moon Ritual A Power working to help us all take down obstacles! Make sure you bring a dish to share for the pot luck as this one will need some grounding after the ritual! 7.30pm gather for 8.00pm ritual $10 ritual donation. ... Read More >

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