Jerel Ondoy

Jerel is a shamanic practitioner who has studied in the Peruvian tradition known as Q’ero. He uses his skills and knowledge while working at The Green Man Store to aid the community with clearing heavy energies, find their path, and teach classes to enrich the community in the shamanic tradition. Within his system and cosmology, Jerel works mainly with rocks and crystals to clear energy and attract the specific energy someone is seeking such as money, new love, or protection. Working behind the counter, he also uses his skills to dress custom spell candles, mojo bags, and custom wire wraps for crystals. Jerel also hosts rituals here at The Green Man bringing his Peruvian shamanic training to help people connect with spirit and make magic.


Jerel is teaching a 12-week Shamanism series!

You probably know Jerel from the store, where he is an invaluable staff member. Maybe you were lucky enough to take his previous Intro to Shamanism class, and/or attend the ritual he ran. If you were, you'll know how cool this series is going to be! If not, trust us--you will ... Read More >

"Great oaks from little acorns grow."

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