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More than 30 unique practitioners are available by appointment and walk-in for psychic readings, spiritual counseling, spell-crafting, and ceremonies. Our Psychics & Healers have their own website: www.thegreenmanpsychics.com

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The Green Man is a haven where ancestral spiritual knowledge and the practices known as the Old Ways are not only kept alive, but given space to grow and evolve. We believe a key to spiritual evolution is diversity, so we welcome people of all paths and persuasions. We are family-owned and operated by experienced spiritual, magical, metaphysical, and occult practitioners,¬†which sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we take our work seriously, but not ourselves. True to the Old Ways, hospitality is important to us, but we won’t proselytize, give unsolicited advice, or hover in an effort to appear helpful. If you need help or have a question, please ask.¬†The Green Man is here for your spiritual journey.

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Our experienced teachers offer classes every day of the week. Topics include: + Clairvoyance + Herbalism + Magic + Meditation + Mythology + Paganism + Reiki + Shamanism + Tarot + Wicca + Witchcraft + and more.

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In addition to classes, we host Pagan and Elder Faith ceremonies for every Esbat (moon) and Sabbat (season) as well as

+ Drum Circles + Meditations + Reiki Circles + Spellcraftings + Seances + and more.

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It had long been the dream of many to see a gathering-place raised in North Hollywood, a place where the pagan community could find hearth, home, and haven. After many years of dreaming, Jill, Joe, Carrie, and Griffin stepped forward and began to seriously discuss what would be involved in making such a dream become reality. The name The Green Man was chosen for the Spirit of growth, abundance, and celebration he represents. These are things we seek to share here in this sacred space.

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The Green Man offers the Los Angeles metaphysical and magical community a hearth around which to gather. We support each other by sharing our unique perspectives and talents, forming a forest of many voices, a sacred grove of wisdom, lore, and magic. We share our voices, insights, and musings in our blog: Around the Fire.

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