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Ask a Witch: a blog by Hovik

Ask a Witch: A blog that answers back…I get flooded with questions on a regular basis because of working at a metaphysical store. Ranging anywhere from “what is that?” to “I have an attachment, how do I get rid of it?” and my favorite, “do you have any dead animals for sale?” ... Read More >

Holiday Spiritual Cleaning: Refuel for Yule by Hovik

Holiday Spiritual Cleaning: Refuel for Yule With the witch's new year behind us and the solstice approaching, it is time to consider some mundane maintenance. I always view the three harvest festivals Lammas, Mabon, and Samhain about cleaning things up on a spiritual and mundane ... Read More >

Intuitive Interviews: Tarot Teasers #4

At The Green Man, our psychic readers are professionals.  They do readings A LOT.  But I was curious to see if one reading in each career so far has stood out as being the funniest, most right-on-the-money, most illuminating, etc.  Best reaction ever gotten?  Funniest reaction?  ... Read More >

Communing With Spirits Part 2 by Hovik

****This is part 2 in a series about the basics of communing with spirits written by Hovik. You can find the first part hereYou set up your altar, bought the candles, cleansed, and invoked the spirits of your gods. Now what? Well now you need to start working with what ... Read More >

Intuitive Interviews/Tarot Teasers Episode 3

In today's Intuitive Interviews we ask our practitioners about getting started with TarotSome readers seem to have been born with a Tarot deck in hand.  Others discovered Tarot after using other divination tools.  What's the Tarot history of each Green Man psychic reader? ... Read More >

Communing with Spirits by Hovik

Communing with Spirits: The Care and Maintenance of Spirits by HovikWhen you begin to open up your psychic abilities and journey into the realm of spirit, you bet you will be encountering many gods and spirits who want to make their presence known in your life. As witches, ... Read More >

How to Meditate by Hovik

How do you meditate?A question that comes up rather frequently working at the shop is folks asking us how to meditate and connect with spirits. Usually it is followed up with “I’ve been sitting around trying all these different meditations; putting myself in weird positions ... Read More >

The Magic of Crystals

The Magic of Crystals Nowadays you can’t go to any sort of spiritual store and not find a selection of crystals. Crystals are powerful tools used by many people to achieve a variety goals. Crystals or stones are manifestations of magic within the Earth. I like to think of them ... Read More >

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