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New store service: Concierge shopping

Seasonal Greetings to our Green Man Community! This year has been incredibly hard in so many ways. We saw the coming pandemic and closed down even before the restrictions were put in place because the safety of our Community has always been the foremost of our concern! We are ... Read More >

Our Bile Tree supports the community

Hello Green Man Family… Sea Wolf here, aka Carrie. I’m the one that tends to be short on words, nodding sagely next to Griffin during class (when I’m not just heckling him from the corner of the classroom). This, however, is not going to be short on words. Bear with me. What ... Read More >

The Green Man Store response to COVID-19

March 12, 2020 Dear Green Man Family, Like all of you, we are vigilantly watching and monitoring the escalating situation with COVID-19. As there seems to be no clear instruction or guidance from the government, we are following world news and taking a proactive stance. The ... Read More >

November Forecast: Wine, Spirits and Witches

November Forecast: Wine, Spirits and Witches It’s time for your November Forecast! In the latest episode of Wine, Spirits & Witches, our hosts Monica and Shana sit down with astrologer Taddy McCoy. The trio talk about ways to make Mercury Retrograde work in your favor ... Read More >

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween

The Hallows season is soon upon us.  What does this mean for us as Witches?  Lately I have heard a lot of people confusing what we call Samhain with what the public knows as Halloween.  Many Witches practice both, but that doesn’t mean these two terms mean the same ... Read More >

Ask A Witch: Divination Tool Basics

Divination Tool Basics Do I need to cleanse them before I use them? How do I pick the right medium? For this blog, I want to cover a subject that has many layers to it. Divination is a powerful tool used by witches and psychics alike. They have been a part of antiquity ... Read More >

Ask a Witch: Becoming a Better Witch Part2

Ask a Witch: Becoming a Better Witch Part2 This is the second part to the question I was asked last week about how to become a better witch. If you haven’t read that one, I suggest you go back and do so that way you have some idea of what I am talking about here. You can ... Read More >

Sekhmet class with Matilda March 30

Sekhmet! Creative and destructive force, Daughter of Ra. Protective Lioness. Patron of healers. Opening the way for humanity to observe and be Ma’at (Truth). The one who loves justice and detests Evil.  Join us for class that extends into a practicum mini ritual honoring our ... Read More >

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