Practical Magic workshop with Griffin & Carrie

Join us for a class on Mojo Bags. In this class, we will discuss the different kinds of spell bags. We will also provide space, materials, and guidance for you to make one for yourself.Class fee $28, plus $8 materials fee. There is a $3 discount for fees paid in cash. ... Read More >

Mojo Bags & Conjure Balls class with Shana

Come sit a spell with Inuitive Shana and learn the ins and outs of mojo bags and conjure balls. In this workshop you will learn the history and working knowledge of a very popular, yet sometimes underrated, form of magic. This class will allow you to walk away with an arsenal of ... Read More >

What is a Mojo Bag, Wish Bag, or Lucky Hand?

What is a Mojo Bag, Wish Bag, or Lucky Hand? This kind of Magic falls into a category known as Synergistic Magic which works upon the basic concept that there is a direct relationship between the spirit of a thing, its identity, its nature, and qualities and the effect that ... Read More >

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