What is a Mojo Bag, Wish Bag, or Lucky Hand?

What is a Mojo Bag, Wish Bag, or Lucky Hand? This kind of Magic falls into a category known as Synergistic Magic which works upon the basic concept that there is a direct relationship between the spirit of a thing, its identity, its nature, and qualities and the effect that ... Read More >

What is a Spell Candle: Lighting the Spirit

One of the oldest, most direct, and simplest of spell workings would be a Spell Candle.  The idea is that the spirit of a candle, when lit, delivers via its flame an assembled collage of other spiritual qualities that you have impregnated the candle with when dressing ... Read More >

Introducing Herbalist Julie James

Julie is currently available for private consultations on alternate Thursdays, please see the calendar for exact dates. For more about her consultations, please click here. Julie James is an herbalist, and director of Green Wisdom Herbal Studies, providing herbal education ... Read More >

Herbs from the Garden and Beyond

Welcome to Herbs From The Garden and Beyond! I’m Julie James, and I’m so pleased to be asked to share some herbal wisdom with you all via the Green Man blog—this is a great medium for those of you who can’t get to classes, or who want a peek into what classes might be like, ... Read More >

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