Practical Magic Series with Griffin Ced

Practical Magic Series. With Griffin at the Green Man Store. Starting Tues the 6th of June for 7 weeks (no class on July 4 or July 11). Once again we come around to the extremely popular and fun annual Series on simple Spell-crafting and other workings of Witchery associated ... Read More >

The Green Man Beltane

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Green Man Beltane Gathering is a-coming! Saturday April 29th, 2017. Gates open 1:00 pm. $23 with a $3 discount for cash only through The Green Man Store. No charge for kids under 13. Warning: Overall the theme of the whole festival may be a bit suggestive ... Read More >

Working Candle Magic with Elysia

Working Candle Magic w/ Elysia Why people candles? Why the genitalia candles? Do I have to have the biggest candle I can find for my candle magic to work? Why should I have someone else do the candle for me? What does “paying the coin” mean? There are so many different ways ... Read More >

The Power of the Spoken Word: A Blog by Hovik

The Power of the Spoken Word   a blog by Hovik The spoken word is a powerful tool. Words evoke feelings of joy, sorrow, pain, desire and so much more. When humans developed the ability to speak or communicate it effectively changed the entire structure of the universe. We went ... Read More >

The Green Man Beltane

Hear Ye, hear ye! The Green Man Beltane Rite is a-coming! Saturday April 30th , 2016 1:00 pm gather for 1:30pm ritual. Once more, our most popular of pagan festival gatherings is upon us! Come join us and celebrate Beltane with us, not at the store, but at our usual off site ... Read More >

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