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The Power of the Spoken Word: A Blog by Hovik

The Power of the Spoken Word  

a blog by Hovik

The spoken word is a powerful tool. Words evoke feelings of joy, sorrow, pain, desire and so much more. When humans developed the ability to speak or communicate it effectively changed the entire structure of the universe. We went from capturing emotion on tablets, paper, and animal skins to giving them life essence. The breath is the animating force of the universe. From the ominous hum of the vast reaches of space to the gentle purr of a kitten they contain a power unmatched. From ancient Greece, we get pnuema; breath or spirit. They attribute pnuema as the breath of life.It is the animating force of the universe. Because oxygen is vital to human life, the ancients used breath as air and breath as pneuma synonymously.

That idea alone is enough to understand the power of the spoken word. An idea or thought is formed in the mind, the synapses fire and the information is sent down from one area of the brain to another then making its way out of our mouths as we literally breathe into it giving it sound and life essence. Once out in the physical world, the sound has a life force that it uses to create change. Something as simple as saying yes means giving life to the key which unlocks and allows access.

As magical practitioners, we have to be very conscious of our actions as well as our words. One example of the power of words is about someone who had reached out to me for some magical assistance. This persons career was starting to take off and they were happy, but a little lacking in other areas of their life. This person would go on countless outings and never seem to meet another individual in terms of potential relationship. They came to me for help and after a few questions, this person said to me, “It may have to do with something I did when I was sixteen.” Upon further explanation, I discovered this person had done a spell for their career and in a moment of desperation, stated to the universe, “ I will give up on love until my career takes off, I don’t care.” The universe listened and did exactly as this person asked. Now, you can’t blame the universe for this misfortune. Words are powerful and the universe does in fact listen. I told this person they were a little out of luck. It would take a good amount of work to undo what they had done. This person heard what I said and decided to allow this to play out because they did in fact start to see their career take off and figured a little more waiting wouldn’t hurt. Similar things have happened to countless people I have encountered over the years, but with a lot more seriousness.

A word from the wise, never say the universe I want to make contact with a spirit, who is there? Nine times out of ten, if you unlock all the doors in the zoo, the lions, tigers, and bears will be the ones to come after you. If you want to make contact with a spirit I always strongly recommend to folks to ask for a deceased loved one to visit them in their dreams or the guardian spirits who walk with them. Phrasing is key and it can set very strong boundaries or open the flood gates. Another example of this that is more within the realm of magic is when doing a love spell. Hopefully we all know the golden rule of never mention a specific individual when doing a love spell, but there is something that is often overlooked when speaking your intentions for love. One of the first questions I often ask my clients when they want a love spell is “Are you straight or gay?” I have learned to never assume and always be clear in that area. It serves no one to do a love spell for a gay man to bring him the best woman for him now. I remember an instance when just such event transpired. A woman had done a love spell to find the perfect man but neglected to mention straight and boy did the spell work! She was walking down the street and ended up being followed by an equally confused gay man who had magically become enamored by her. The hilarity followed when the gay man is screaming, “Wait I want to get to know you, I need to be with you and I don’t really know why!” Of course the woman was terribly confused and slightly scared. It is a hard line to balance when working a spell to be as specific as possible while still leaving room for the magic to work.

When in doubt, seek advice from someone with more experience because it’s not the best idea to assume the universe knows what you mean. The powers that be enjoy a good laugh and it is also sometimes an important lesson for you to learn. Just because it’s magic doesn’t mean all logic goes out the window. The science of today was the magic of yesterday and so be sure to approach all work with a clear head and a little logic in mind when speaking your intention.

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