Past-Life Regression with Jason D. McKean

"If we don't heal our past in the present, it becomes our future" It's time to go within and find out who you have been in a past life, so that you can expand on your potential in this life. We'll take the time to explore an important lifetime and then integrate it with a ... Read More >

Ancestral Healing Workshop with Krystal Rains

Ancestral Healing Workshop with Krystal Rains During the dark time of the year, we look inward and to our family lines, be it blood or spirit. Join me for an Ancestral Healing Workshop as we explore different patterns and modalities to focus on healing those traumas and open ... Read More >

Healing Ancestral Trauma with Krystal Rains

Healing Ancestral Trauma with Krystal Rains We're told changing the world begins with each one of us. Well, maybe that feels very daunting, or like a drop in an ocean, and how exactly do we go about doing that anyway? Healer, herbalist, shaman and social justice advocate, ... Read More >

Psychic & Metaphysical Healers Faire

Psychic & Metaphysical Healers Faire at The Green Man Saturday July 28,  2018 11 am - 6:00 pm (last readings at 5:30) The Green Man welcomes the community to meet our staff of practitioners at the Psychic & Metaphysical Healers Faire. Tickets will be available for $10 ... Read More >

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