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New Moon Energy and the Dark Faeries

The New Moon is often overlooked.  Is it because it doesn’t “catch our eye” as easily?  As you start to become more aware of energy around you, you start to notice that there is a shift within everyone around both the full moon & the new moon.  With the Full Moon there is ... Read More >

Working and Healing with the Seven Planes part 3

Working and Healing with the Seven Planes, Part 3 by Russell Chan Hello!  This is the third and final blog in my three-part series of “Working and Healing with the Seven Planes.”  I’ll be covering planes six and seven, but first I’ll do a quick review of the previous planes. ... Read More >

The Language of the Animals, by Monica

  Being a part of the craft for many years, it becomes evident that everything is so interconnected: nature, animals, and sharing the impact animals have played in my life. They all play a key role as we walk this magical path. Today I would like to share some of my ... Read More >

A Fool’s Key to the Cosmos

Hello my fellow seekers! My second blog commitment of the month, I’ll be calling “A Fools Key to the Cosmos.”  And surprise, surprise, it's a Tarot Blog! Today's post is a prequel to that blog. In A Fool's Key to the Cosmos, it’s not my intention to get into monthly Tarot ... Read More >

Cleansing/Clearing your Crystals by Jill

Cleansing/Clearing your Crystals I was all set to write about one of my favorite stones, labradorite, or maybe double-terminated quartz crystals, but in the last week I’ve heard variations on the following too many times to ignore:  “I read that you have to wash your crystals ... Read More >

Our Real Wealth and Bounty, by Karen Tate

Our Real Wealth & Bounty Excerpted from Sacred Sunday Service “Our Bounty, Prosperity and Good Fortune” By Dr. Rev. Karen Tate Special Note: Every fourth Sunday, Karen Tate and the Sacred Sunday priestesses facilitate a gathering geared toward Goddess-inspired living and ... Read More >

Herbs from the Garden and Beyond

Welcome to Herbs From The Garden and Beyond! I’m Julie James, and I’m so pleased to be asked to share some herbal wisdom with you all via the Green Man blog—this is a great medium for those of you who can’t get to classes, or who want a peek into what classes might be like, ... Read More >

Introducing Karen Tate

MEET KAREN TATE For over two decades, Karen's work has been fueled by her intense interest and passion for travel, comparative religions, ancient cultures, and the resurging interest in the rise of the Feminine Consciousness. An independent scholar, ... Read More >

Working and Healing with the Seven Planes

  Hi, I'm Russell. I don't normally blog, but people have asked me how I do personal manifesting and healing using little-to-no physical tools. Since I'm a pedantic Taurus, I will try to make these blogs interesting without sounding like a sonorous, monotonous professor! *bull ... Read More >

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