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I get flooded with questions on a regular basis because of working at a metaphysical store. Ranging anywhere from “what is that?” to “I have an attachment, how do I get rid of it?” and my favorite, “do you have any dead animals for sale?” I thought I would take the time to answer some common questions on a larger platform rather than individually. I feel sometimes sharing knowledge helps those who don’t know to ask or they have so many questions, they don’t know where to begin. Each week, I am going to tackle a couple questions and allow people to get the answers they seek without feeling pressured. If you have any questions, you can send me an e-mail or shoot me a message on social media and I will answer your question in a blog anonymously.

This weeks question is from Alexandria G:

What are some suggestions for herbs every witch should keep on hand?

Interestingly enough, I actually just recently made a list for my own book of shadows. I have a couple reference books that I use, but over the years I found I’ve stuck to the same handfuls of herbs. The way I go about deciding which herbs I’m going to keep is by making lists from each category of intention. I kept a list of about five to six herbs for each thing and then I narrow my choices from there. I suggest having a minimum of three herbs to choose from in each category. The categories I used were: protection, love, money, spirit work, banishing, and general magic and power.

herbs for witches

The way I selected the herbs was I would pick one general, one specific, and one power. Now again that was for my personal practice. Some people may do more magic within a particular category such as love or banishing so then you would select more herbs. Keep in mind that a lot of herbs have multiple uses so you can hit multiple intentions. Another suggestion is to try to keep the intention to the first thing that you associate the herb with. On a practical note, when building your herb collection, keep it small and build it up over time. Herbs, while we use them for magic, are organic matter and they do eventually lose their potency. Be sure to store your herbs in a glass airtight container to maintain freshness and keep the oils from leeching out. If you are looking to harvest herbs from nature always do your research and make sure you are aware of any potential contaminants and also if in fact you are allowed to harvest legally. Here’s a list below of twenty-six essential herbs I keep on hand for spells to give you a place to start:


  1. Angelica
  2. Agrimony
  3. Bay leaves
  4. Bayberry
  5. Blood root
  6. Catnip
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Damiana
  9. Deerstounge
  10. Dragons blood
  11. Frankincense
  12. Galangal
  13. Hyssop
  14. Lavender
  15. Lemon balm
  16. Mandrake
  17. Mugwort
  18. Mustard seeds
  19. Myrrh
  20. Patchouli
  21. Rose
  22. Rosemary
  23. Rue
  24. Sandalwood
  25. Tansy
  26. Wormwood

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