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Intuitive Interviews/Tarot Teasers Episode 3

getting started with Tarot decks

In today’s Intuitive Interviews we ask our practitioners about getting started with Tarot

Some readers seem to have been born with a Tarot deck in hand.  Others discovered Tarot after using other divination tools.  What’s the Tarot history of each Green Man psychic reader?  Did you see a friend using a deck?  Did someone give you a reading and you thought, “Cool!  I want to do that!”  Did it come to you in a book, or a random walk-by in a store, or a vision?

Stephanie says:
Before I knew the “Tarot de Marseille” even existed I was guided (by a spirit being) to find the only metaphysical store in town to purchase a book teaching the meaning of cards from a regular deck of playing cards. As a teenager I was very happy with this find since a small book is all I could afford, knowing we already had a couple of playing decks at home.  I was very grateful for the guidance I received from this guide who stayed by my side for quite a long time. Her name was Chloe.

Heather says:

I had readings by someone who used the playing deck, and she was pretty accurate.  At that time I was not reading for the public, but I always was attracted to this practice, and always had a so-called sixth sense.  People would come to me for advice at a very young age; I always just “knew.”

Branden says:
I started reading with a set of playing cards–a deck of playing cards appeared where usually there are none. I opened the deck and suddenly felt this odd sensation running across my body. As I flipped the cards over I felt meanings come across me, very much like a light bulb came on over my head in an ‘ah-ha’ moment.
Hovik says:
When I was younger I didn’t spend much time playing with tarot or divination. My great grandmother was an excellent card reader and she predicted a lot of things over the years. My grandmother, my mom and her sister would always beg her to teach her the ways of card reading. She always would look at them and say, “No, this is not for you, this is the devils work and you aren’t supposed to play here.” I grew up talking to spirits and so my method of early divination was having conversations with my childhood spirit guides. I didn’t pick up an actual tarot until much later when I began to realize the cards made it a little easier and also people related better and connected to them more than just me sitting and chatting with them about things while I looked around the room talking to my spirits as well. So no, I personally didn’t grow up with a tarot deck in my hand, I walked into that later. Surprisingly enough, when I picked up playing cards to start I connected with my great grandmother who had passed away early in my life and she and I had spirit conversations and she taught me the meaning of the cards. I was the one she was waiting for to teach and as tradition held, I learned from my elder and not with a deck in hand.
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