Fortuna Ritual for Monica

Please join us, the Green Man Community & the Ced Tradition with our Fortuna Full Moon Ritual! Saturday, Jan 11th Presented by the Green Man Store to support Monica in her time of need. In the Full Moon we gather as a Community of Witches to draw the benevolence of Dame ... Read More >

Fortuna Ritual with Griffin

                      Please join us for our… Fortuna Full Moon Ritual! Friday, May 11th Presented by the Green Man Store to support Jerel in his time of need. Yes that's our own dear soul, ... Read More >

Money Jars class with Elysia Sunday July 9

Money jars are a great way to create focus for attracting money into your life. And like so many things in magic, there are several different ways that you can do this, and none are wrong. In this class we will be working on creating the right one for you. You can either just ... Read More >

Fortuna Working with Griffin

Turning Fortuna’s Wheel: A Community United! This Saturday Night, 8pm The Green Man in North Hollywood This is a power working ritual for the Lady Fortuna, where we open the ways and give her offerings and blessings to raise the roof with the Spirit of Fortune in all ways. ... Read More >

Fortuna Ritual

Friday Jan 30th, 8.00pm    The long awaited...much requested... Fortuna Working! This is a ritual working for the Lady Fortuna, where we open the ways for Fortuna's Blessing to rain down upon us all! This is a power working where we give her offerings and blessings, and ... Read More >

New Year’s Money Magic!

with Elizabeth Bissette Sat Jan 24, 2015 Noon to 2pm $23; $3 discount for cash. Learn how to manifest material wealth and abundance in 2015 with Southern Conjure and Rootwork. We will create money drawing candles and mojos, plus learn how to make amulets/talismans, herbal ... Read More >

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