Crystals Workshop with Jill: The Holiday Episode!

  What the heck does she mean, The Holiday Episode???  Well, come on in and find out! Crystals! Minerals! Stones! Rocks! Let's play with them! As always, this crystals workshop will include experiencing the energies of a few different crystals, plus some work with using ... Read More >

Crystals For a Purpose workshop with Jill

$23; $3 discount for cash. What purpose, you ask?  Good question!  This class will start by discussing (and experiencing) some of the most popular crystals and their properties.  Then we’ll move on to talking about and creating mojo bags for specific ... Read More >

Stones for Stress

No, not what stones will help CAUSE stress....  I would say that the stones people ask me for most often are ones to help relieve stress.  (First runner-up: stones for protection; second runner-up: stones for meditation.  Other blogs for the future.) I have to ask: what kind ... Read More >

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