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Stones for Stress

No, not what stones will help CAUSE stress….  I would say that the stones people ask me for most often are ones to help relieve stress.  (First runner-up: stones for protection; second runner-up: stones for meditation.  Other blogs for the future.)

I have to ask: what kind of stress?  Is it related to health?  Yours or someone else’s?  Work?  Lack of work?  Does it have to do with upcoming academic tests?  Love?  Lack of love?  Depression?  Grief?  Worry about money?  Worry about your kids?  Lack of sleep?  Just too much psychic energy bouncing around?  You get the picture.  As with dressing a spell candle or making a mojo bag of herbs/crystals or making any kind of spell, it’s most helpful to get really specific with what you’re trying to accomplish, and why.

That said, here are, in alphabetical order so I don’t show favoritism 😉 some of my favorite stones for plain old stress, with a quick explanation of why/how I use or would  recommend them:

AMAZONITE: calms; reduces aggression.  Also a very pretty soothing turquoise color.

ANGELITE: calms; as the name suggests, can help reach for angelic contact.  One would hope that would be calming, but I guess it depends on what angel you end up with.  😉

ARAGONITE: helps to center during stress and anger; helps with patience and practicality during times of added responsibility

BLACK TOURMALINE: the classic absorber of negative energy.  Great protection, which can help lower stress.

BLUE LACE AGATE:  high spiritual and “airy” feelings; nice light blue color

CARNELIAN: the warm smooth orange always makes me feel more cheerful, which alleviates some stress for me.  Said to protect against rage, envy, fear, sorrow.

CHRYSOPRASE: inner strength and acceptance through changes and long-enduring situations; calms and stabilizes, purifies your surroundings

FLUORITE (not to be confused with fluoride in your toothpaste): takes the emotions out of a situation (if we’re lucky) and lets us focus on the work to be done.  I always use one of these when asked to make a mojo bag for studying, and I carry one when I really need to do a lot of bookkeeping work under a deadline, for example, without getting frantic.

HEMATITE: classic grounding stone.  Also calms and helps mental attunement.

LEMURIAN QUARTZ: some have described the love and energy they feel from this as “a balm to the heart and soul.”

LEPIDOLITE: actually contains lithium.  Need I say more?

MORGANITE: love, love, and more love; self-esteem due to divine love.  Pretty pink/mauve color.

SMOKEY QUARTZ: grounds & protects; helps tolerate stressful times; helps absorbs negativity

STROMATOLITE, also Kambaba Jasper (which is not really a jasper but a stromatolite): my hands-down favorite, along with Aragonite.  This is probably the oldest stone you will ever find: it’s fossilized algae well over a billion years old.  So this stone has been through it all — whatever the Earth (and water) has dished out, it’s taken it.  Talk about tenacity!  I grab this one when it looks like it’s gonna be a tough slog through the mire, and I need to persevere.

SPIDERWEB JASPER, SPIDERWEB OBSIDIAN: reminds me of the interconnectedness of things and makes me stop and think about the bigger picture.

TURITELLA JASPER, or FOSSILS: for me, these work kind of the same as Stromatolites and Spiderwebs.  Connections and perseverance.

Also definitely worth mentioning: amethyst, rose quartz, kunzite, apophyllite, rhodocrosite, larimar, moss agate, any pinkish stones (more for emotional healing), any deep blue or purple stones (if blue and purple are soothing to you), etc.  It’s all about what works for you.  For instance, I’ve seen many references to citrine for stress relief, probably because of the solar energy and color, but it’s too active for me personally.  If I need something uplifting, I go for carnelian.

So…how should you use the stones?  Well, I am not going to tell you that you “should” do anything 😉 — but here are some classic ways of using crystals for stress relief:

Carry them in your pocket, purse, car
Keep them by your bed, desk, table
Wear them in jewelry
Place them on chakras or other body parts to relieve stress
Meditate with them

Of the stones listed/described above, I personally use only a few for stress.  But that’s me.  As always, your experiences with these stones may be different (YMMV), and no results are by any stretch guaranteed.  These are suggestions; you get to find out what feels right to you.  Always happy to hear what others have found useful.  Have fun!

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