Samhain Ritual with the Ced Tradition

The Green Man proudly presents  Our Annual All Hallows Samhain Ritual Centered by the Ced Tradition Saturday October 24, 2020 Doors Open 7:00pm Location is on the ticket - this Ritual is NOT at The Green Man! However, you must purchase your ticket in advance at The Green ... Read More >

Full Moon ritual with the Ced Tradition

Please join us for a Full Moon Ritual! Saturday, March 7th Presented by the Ced Tradition. Saturday 7th March 8pm, come join with us for a Full Moon Ced Coven celebration and working as we gather with our most amazing traditional witchcraft community! Please also bring a ... Read More >

Noctifer Feast with the Ced Tradition

Hey this Saturday we are gonna celebrate a Feast at the Green Man for the Evening Star. We call it a Noctifer Feast and it is an observance to honour the Divine Feminine aspect of Venus in the Evening Star position. We wear Blue, we bring Blue coloured Feast foods and drink blue ... Read More >

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