Tarot Tuesday ~ The Moon Tarot Card

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Moon Tarot Card by Giana Cicchelli I have always approached the moon tarot card with a bit of apprehension. Although my spiritual traditions revere the moon as a Goddess, and divine celestial energy, the apprehension I have felt has been towards what I ... Read More >

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Death Tarot

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Death Tarot One of my favorite cards in the Tarot, "Death" was always a close friend of mine in a number of ways--but that's my personal story and one to be told another time. In tarot, as is so often and commonly the case, people tend to react ... Read More >

Compatibility with Numerology

Compatibility with Numerology By Donetta Huffman New at The Green Man!  I will be hosting Numerology Speed Dating nights.  Sign up through Meet-Up.  There are two groups to choose from, Numerology Speed Dating and Gay Numerology Speed Dating.    Next ... Read More >

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