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Compatibility with Numerology

Compatibility with Numerology

By Donetta Huffman

New at The Green Man!  I will be hosting Numerology Speed Dating nights.  Sign up through Meet-Up.  There are two groups to choose from, Numerology Speed Dating and Gay Numerology Speed Dating.    Next events for both are Thursday Sept. 13th at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday Sept. 15th at 8:00 p.m.

Relationships can be better understood with numerology.  What numbers you have in common or what numbers are compatible with one another can greatly affect how you get along with someone.   How you and someone will act or react in a relationship can be determined by calculating their numbers.  My understanding of the numbers will put you with the most likely compatible individuals.

The most important number in your chart is your Life Path number.  This is the path you will travel in this lifetime, the journey you are on.  To begin with I will calculate your Life Path Number by using your birth date.

Example:  May 12, 1960 would be 5+1+2+1+9+6+0=24   next; I reduce 2+4=6 to get a Life Path 6.

Much happiness can be found when you are living on the positive side of your Life Path number and you will have so much fun meeting with like-minded people at these events!  You will find that you share interests; you may have similar talents and abilities.

You will be matched up into Natural Match groups.  These numbers usually have an automatic connection and conversations will be easy. You might find that you enjoy one another’s company.  There is an immediate understanding within number groups.

Life Path 1, 5’s and 7’s are Mind Numbers, they are always thinking.  Therefore they are very compatible with one another.

Life Path 2, 4’s and 8’s are Business Numbers, they are always taking care of business.  The approach to life is similar and they usually understand one another.

Life Path 3’ 6’s and 9’s are Creative Numbers, they are always creating.  These numbers understand their creative approach to life and therefore are natural matches.

I will also use Neutral numbers for you to choose from in speed dating.  These can have a vibration that is pleasing to you also, so that you get plenty of Speed Dates!

In addition I will calculate your Attitude Number, Soul Number and Destiny Numbers.  This could help in the discovery of meeting others with the same “Attitude” as you or finding your “Soul Mate” or your “Destiny Mate.”

My calculations will help you meet people with vibrations that are easy for you to get along with.  This promises to be a fun and educational evening where you will learn to attract love into your life.   At each Numerology Speed Dating event you will be taught to use your vibration to attract what and who you want in your life.  You will learn so much that you can apply and use in your every-day life.   Learning to live on the positive side of your numbers will make you so much more attractive to others!  You become like a magnet, attracting all kinds of positive things into your life.

What’s your number?  Come and find out at Numerology Speed Dating!

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