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Tarot Tuesday ~ The Tower Tarot by Vanina

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Tower Tarot by Vanina

The Tower tarot

by Vanina

A very powerful card to look at, one that predicts change in every single way. Most likely the change that you are resisting is the change that the Tower will bring: not a change so you will remain in despair or sadness, but one that will free your soul. Whatever you might be too attached to, the Tower will show you the way to non- resisting detachment. Again, it all depends on the circumstances of the issue. It’s a good/bad & the ugly way to freedom. Or as good as it gets, when you are expecting more…what goes up must come down…so make sure that on your way up it was nice, smooth and peaceful; perhaps on your way down you’ll find an elevator. Not a bad card; it just shows you changes that need to come before you either continue on the same path, but in better shape–or move on in to something even better. It all depends on the circumstances.


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