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Tarot Tuesday ~ The Fool

the fool


Let us take a look at The Fool. Considered the luckiest card in the deck, The Fool is number 0 in the major arcana and first of the deck. The image of this card shows us a young man with a small sack of belonging over his shoulder and a small dog, thought to be his guardian, at his feet. He is excited for his new journey and the adventures to come but maybe not always prepared for what is ahead. Nonetheless, he is carefree and moves into the world with nothing, therefore gaining everything.

The fool is utterly in the moment, something most of us have forgotten how to be. He appreciates the here and now, savoring, relishing and learning every step of the journey. His head held high, looking to the sky or Spirit while heading into the unknown. Being a little too in the moment, he forgets to look ahead and is about to walk himself off of a cliff. This is a nice little reminder for us to be present and enjoy what is going on directly around us, while keeping an eye on the future and path that we have embarked on.

Upright this card represents new beginnings, innocence, being free spirited and spontaneous. When pondering the future and this card pops up, just know that there is unlimited potential in the endeavors ahead and it’s time to start something new. Keep in mind that this journey or project will take you to new and unknown places, a road packed with lessons and personal growth.

He is telling us to be in the moment because so many times we go on autopilot throughout the day and breeze through many moments that we could have cherished, and often don’t pick up on subtle cues that could help us later on. Have fun, be curious and have faith that the Universe has something in store for you. The road may be bumpy but as long as you learn along that way and enjoy each moment to its highest potential you will reach a marvelous destination.

Inverted this card tells us that we may have tipped the scales too much, taking spontaneity to the extreme and turning it into recklessness. It’s time to take a step back and assess the situation and try to plan ahead before things become a little too messy. Take a moment to really think things through before making promises or taking action.

This card may also act as a word of caution for many social and work situations. Be aware of your surroundings and the people you are dealing with as your actions do come with strong consequences and there may be people around you that will take advantage if given the chance. Ask yourself what people’s intentions are, what they are getting out of it. If something seems too good to be true it probably is.

Tread lightly with friends and significant others, especially if the relationship appears to be rocky or strained in any way as things may shift and turn quite easily for the time being. Take time to really think about how your actions will affect the people around you and how it could change the outcome of what you are doing.

In all, The Fool is an amazing card showing us light hearted innocence, enjoyment and new beginnings. Be fully in the moment and take time to smell the flowers while keeping an eye on the road ahead of you.


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