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The Green Man Store and Community welcome all people of the old ways and those seeking new spiritual horizons. We are proud to be able to offer a sanctuary for diversity and exchange between folks of alternative spirituality. Both as a Store and Community gathering place for classes and events, we regularly present a wonderfully diverse mix of beliefs and world views, representing the vast cross-section of people who gather under our roof in tolerance and respect.

As with our physical location, this website wishes to present a large mix of opinions, positions, and approaches to a myriad number of subjects. And we would like to give each person the liberty to express themselves in the manner they feel correctly represents them.

In support of the integrity and liberty of the members of our extended Community as well as for our staff members and associates, we at The Green Man have taken a position of non-censorship in order to protect the diversity within our ranks. That is to say: that the opinions and statements made on this Website may not necessarily reflect the position and opinion of the Green Man Ownership or Management.

However, we reserve the right to edit and/or pull any post that may be deemed inappropriate or contrary to the basic premise of respect and tolerance, which we wish to maintain as a basic tenet and tone for this website.

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