Imbolc ritual with Reclaiming LA

Join us to Celebrate the festival of Brigid – also known as Imbolc, Candlemas, or Lady Day! This is a great time of year to replenish your creative wells and perhaps make a commitment to your spiritual growth and healing journey (personal and planetary). Brigid is the mighty ... Read More >

Fortuna Ritual for Monica

Please join us, the Green Man Community & the Ced Tradition with our Fortuna Full Moon Ritual! Saturday, Jan 11th Presented by the Green Man Store to support Monica in her time of need. In the Full Moon we gather as a Community of Witches to draw the benevolence of Dame ... Read More >

Artemis Bow Moon Ritual with the Ced Tradition

Come join members of the Ced Tradition for an Artemis Bow Moon Ritual! Out of respect to us, please abide by the law: people need to be over 21 to drink.  Adults who are over 21 are asked to please be adult in their drinking approach and drink responsibly so we all get to have ... Read More >

Samhain Ritual with Reclaiming L.A.

Join us when the veil is thin between the worlds of the living and the dead. During this sacred season we celebrate our Witches' New Year and affirm the renewal of life. We’ll gather to remember our ancestors, our beloved dead, and all those who have crossed over. Come sing and ... Read More >

Dark Moon Ritual with the Ced Tradition

In this year when so many of our community have been called to grow and adapt, the role of tribe has become more important than ever. In our ancestors’ time, the season of harvest was the time to begin preparing the gifts of the land for the dark times, and our tribes’ survival. ... Read More >

Hecate Ritual with the Ced Tradition

Hecate Ritual with the Ced Tradition Please join us for a Hecate Moon Ritual! Saturday, Aug 17th Presented by the Ced Tradition. Saturday 17th Aug 8pm, come join with us for a Full Moon Ced Coven celebration and working with Hecate as we gather with our most amazing ... Read More >

2019 Lammas Ritual with Reclaiming LA

2019 Lammas Ritual with Reclaiming LA   Lughnasadh, also called Lammas, marks the beginning of the harvest season. We gather to celebrate bright summer days (soon coming to an end), and begin reaping what we’ve sown from the past few months. Join us to connect with the ... Read More >

Father Gods Moon Ritual with the Ced Tradition

Please join us for our Father Gods Full Moon Ritual! Saturday, June 15th Presented by the Ced Tradition. Under the Full Moon we gather, Family, Tribe and Community, to celebrate the spirit of Fatherhood within us and within our Gods! Next weekend is Fathers Day weekend, what ... Read More >

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