Manifestation class with Shana (on Zoom)

Dive deep into manifestation with Intuitive Shana on January 16th. In this online class Shana will go over the many different facets of manifestation, giving you  insight and techniques on practices that you can implement into your daily and magical practices to curate the life ... Read More >

2020 Vision Board workshop with Shana

The promise of renewal and manifestation is floating through the air as the approach of Imbolc draws near. Harness this energy and bless your seeds of 2020 in Intuitive Shana's Vision Board class February 1st. In this workshop you will craft, enchant, and bless a vision that ... Read More >

Vision Board Workshop with Shana

Join Shana for an afternoon of crafting, empowerment and manifestation in her Vision Board Workshop. Vision boards are wonderful, unique tools that help curate a solid foundation for us build our ambition, goals and renewed hope. Along with photos and clippings of your ... Read More >

Sigil Magic: Manifestation of Will Through Art by Hovik

I have worked with sigils of various kinds my entire magical practice. I first want to explain what exactly a sigil is before anything else. Now a sigil for me is an abstract representation of a thought form that I have condensed down to its core pieces. This can be anything from ... Read More >

"Great oaks from little acorns grow."

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