Gina Leslie

As president of Pagan Pride LA, Inc. from 2008 through 2014, Gina was deeply immersed in the pagan community, helping to bring people together by facilitating healing fairs, fund-raisers and the annual Pagan Pride Day festivals. In 2012 she was instrumental in helping to move the event from an isolated park in Whittier to its very public location now in Long Beach, essentially helping it “come out of the broom closet”. In 2014 Gina left the PPD event in very capable hands in order to pursue her own studies and her passion for photography and art.

Gina has shared her skills in manifesting through sigils, both at the Green Man Store and on line as well as teaching paper-making classes. She finds a powerful synergy at the crossroads where her spiritual practice and her art projects intersect, and enjoys showing others how to enhance their lives through these practices.

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