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New store service: Concierge shopping

Ever wanted to shop our store without leaving home? Now introducing Concierge Shopping at The Green Man Store! Shop by appointment via text or video with one of our staff

Seasonal Greetings to our Green Man Community!

This year has been incredibly hard in so many ways. We saw the coming pandemic and closed down even before the restrictions were put in place because the safety of our Community has always been the foremost of our concern! We are close to vaccinations and hopefully then the end of all these hardships & peril. But we are not quite there just yet. So in the meantime, as things seem to be getting worse, we are looking to find ways that we may continue to serve you as best we can in safety. And so that we may be able to survive this pandemic and be here for you in the years yet to come, we are trying not to simply close.

So our next step to serve you, in addition to our in-person, on line shopping, and curb side pick-up, is to offer what we like to call concierge shopping!

What this means is that we now offer the ability for you to have one of our specialist staff work with you one-on-one either on the phone or through interactive emails, with photos or streaming video, so that you can find the right thing that you are seeking; to get expert assistance in tracking down those things you need or desire, by going through our inventory. Let us help you figure out your shopping needs without having to be here physically present in our store.

Of course this service may be in great demand and we have limited staff numbers. So we ask that you book a shopping session with one of our staff members in our off times or to be flexible whenever we may be overwhelmed with customers.

To book your session, please call the store at 818-985-2010

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