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This is my first venture into Blogging and I’m sure it’ll take a while for me to find my voice in this format, so please Do Not Adjust your Screen!  We will resume normality as soon as it’s identified!

Looking at the world from across the counter of the Green Man is really interesting.  I find I have a far better sense of how the cosmic tides affect our unique community.  I watch as certain themes come into focus and then dissipate back into the shadows.  As this is my first blog I feel it is fitting that the first subject to reflect upon is this delightful carnival ride we all seem to be on, commonly referred to as 2012!

Hear ye and repent all ye sinners, it’s the end of the world! The rapture is coming!  Could we be that lucky?  Yes, the end of the world, as we know it, is at hand, and wow it sure is a bumpy ride for many folks out there!  What we have here, imo, is a paradigm shift of reality on many fronts.  The world spirit within our species is in the process of a paradigm shift…  as is the spirit of world cultures, religions, financial structures and societal values of all kinds.  And not to mention “reality” itself, that is up for a major re-evaluation!  Heh, fun times to be had by all… right?

So let’s pop the hood and see what’s cooking, shall we?  To start with, I believe that this period in history is all about a paradigm shift in our awareness as to the nature of reality itself.  This process began in the mid 19th century and has been racing forwards through time at the shocking speed ever since, towards this time and place.

So how’s it hitting us? Well first off, there seems to me, to be a major division between two fundamental mindset camps. There are those who seem to cling to the idea of an immovable foundation of permanence, looking to revive the simpler times and values of the lost golden years long since past. They see those black and white mythic times as holding the key to making the world a better place today. But was the world really better before indoor plumbing and color TV?  Perhaps we should throw our TV’s out the window and scream “I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

Looking across the aisle to the other side, we find the other camp, who seem to embrace the perception that we are entering into a new age of diversity, change and fluidity.  Well many talk a good talk but the reality is that folks are still fearful of change and unrest, and are we ever having an abundance of that this year!  Bottom line however, is that these folks are willing to deal with that fear and be open to wrestling with a new world that has its roots in a living spiritual reality.

So the one side seems to seek control, permanence and values conformity as supportive to that reality.  And the other side seems to embrace diversity and uniqueness, finding commonality in the identity of our collective spirit. Though like a room full of blind men identifying an elephant, none of us have a clue as to what its true form is… each having only our perspective of it and we couldn’t possibly agree, now could we?  The thing I love with us is we don’t need to agree, we don’t need to be assimilated into the collective ONE mind… There’s more than white sheep and black sheep.  In fact to be sheep like and join the flock has never felt quite right, now has it?  Whoops, I think my soapbox is showing.

Back to the meaning of the universe and everything… To me the first step on this path is the simple perception that at the heart of everything in the universe, there exists a spirit.  In fact everything in the universe is simply the expression of spirit.  The Spirit is pneumatic in nature, which doesn’t mean it’s like a jack hammer, though sometimes it does whack you inside the head like one!  No, pneumatic in this context means it is to be likened to the breath or wind of creation.  It is the cosmic spirit of the ONE, yet responsive to each and every spirit dwelling deep within each and every manifest thing.

Nothing in the universe is truly solid or static.  Which is why we cannot really force our evolution towards a reality of permanence. In the real reality each thing in the universe is simply molecules in motion, vibrating at a resonance that defines its perceivable form. And the whole of the Universe itself is vibrating in synchronicity with all its composite elements.  Where I find my spiritual path within this concept is with the spirit being at the heart of all things, defining the uniqueness of each and every thing in the universe.  The form we perceive being the manifest expression of a spirit, provoked to vibrate what frequency it does because of the quality and nature of the spirit within.

Then stepping back, I see all spirit in the universe resonating synergistically together, creating a cosmic dance of vibrational qualities.  Each spirits vibrational quality and expression weaving with other spirits… like an enormous divine orchestra of musical instruments jamming and riffing together.  Sometimes weaving together into beautiful coherent music… sometimes falling into discordant waves of change. The tides of the music forever shifting step in step with the stars and planets and moons, who are themselves also vibrating in accordance with the cosmic dance of spirit.

To make magic is then the ability to identify and embrace the spirit within matter and bring about a conscious change in the musical vibrational quality of that spirit and hence change its form. But this is launching me into a whole other subject, which I should get into in another blog later on.

Back to 2012… One of the first realizations we need to get our head around with the division of the worlds is that “reality” is not something that just is… it’s something that is perceived.  Reality finds its form in what we are able to comprehend.  As we evolve we may perceive a reality that is an expression of spirit in perpetual musical motion. We may also perceive that by virtue of our own spirit we have the ability to be in accord with that cosmic reality of spirit. But wait there’s more! We may also perceive that because we are sentient and have free will, that we have the ability to consciously bring about deliberate changes in our spirit and thereby bring about changes in the cosmic reality of spirit about us… that with enough spirits working in accord, collectively we can change the reality of our world.

So if we are to evolve further, as I see it, we must begin to perceive and embrace the nature of this core spirit within us and the effect our spirit has upon the greater cosmos.  Clearly we really do need to take responsibility of our active part in provoking evolution within the cosmos… be that for the better or for the worse.

The Cosmos is changing right now. The doors are open to us to embrace our divine potential and for that we must step up.  Claiming the reality of Spirit is vital to claiming our divine nature and our future as a species.  But we should not distain the world of form and matter.  Without form there is no force in the cosmos, without form there is no life in the cosmos and the meaning of life can’t be the absence of life!

We need to unite both the realm of spirit and the realm of life, become the halfbreed race of Heroes, neither Divine nor Human, but rather the bridge of flesh between them both, poised between Heaven and Earth.  Like Odin hanging on the world tree, sacrificing self to self, the divine to the human, the human to the divine!

Now if we could only figure out how to pay the rent this month, eh?

Take care, embrace diversity and until next time

Hugs across the counter!



*Please note each Blog is the unique expression of the Blogger and does not speak for The Green Man as an entity…but rather is one of the many diverse colours that make up our Green Man Tribe.

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