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Freaky Friday ~ Magic and Karma: Keeping your magical nose clean!

Freaky Friday ~ Magic and Karma: Keeping your magical nose clean!

People who know me will likely chuckle at this title, as I am known not to be a fan of karma as some may view it.  But let’s say for here, Karma represents simply the consequence of one’s actions and leave it at that. In the Practical Magic class earlier this week, I got into the spooky area of Poppets in magic–something very often associated with baneful Black Magic.  But there are many positive uses for fetishes such as poppets, dolls, and such.  To be completely clear, in my practice I consider any magic that is aimed at usurping the Free Will of another crosses the line into what I call Black Magic.  It is not a question of Good or Bad Intentions.  It is not really a Moral issue.  Black Magic can, on occasion, be done for good and defendable reasons.  However, regardless of the reasons or intentions, using magic and/or spirit to override a person’s free will and ability to choose for themself, is an act of Black Magic and will potentially kick back unseen consequences and coin upon those who cross this line.  Even petitioning the Gods, which I call Clerical Magic, falls into this category. So taken to the extreme, you could view a Christian praying for a person to come to Jesus, or to change their beliefs, behavior or orientation, as a practice of Black Magic!  Finding clarity in where this line lies regarding the liberty of others, and being mindful of this, keeps us safer in our magical practices. For isn’t it said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

magic and karma painting by Blake Hecate

On a kindred note, this coming weekend is the Autumn Equinox.  It’s one of those Sabbath Festivals that many folks find confusing.  There are so many legitimate ways of approaching this Sabbath, depending upon which path you are aligned with.  But for those who are still looking to make a connection with this holiday, let me offer you my take.

We as Magical Practitioners are constantly working to turn the hand of Fate, to unseat the Divine Cosmic Order in relation to some particular matter of our choosing.  We use our Free Will and Magical Knowhow to deliberately change reality to align with our desire.  Consequently this practice of Magic divides us from being in accordance with Divine Order or Will.  This is a simple fact of our actions.  We either bend to Fate as it presents itself or we work Magic to undermine the order of Fate as it presents.

The Fates

So then the pertinent question comes down to…To what end do we work our Magic? Do we serve our base desires and whims and possibly bring the world about us into anarchy and drama?  Or are we wielding our Magic to evolve ourselves, our being and Spirit?  Are we serving our limited banal agendas or are we looking to become Co-Creators with our Gods and Spirits to bring harmony and evolution to our Cosmos? If it’s this last option that speaks to you, then the Autumn Equinox is an opportunity to reconcile the connection and accord between you and your Gods, to bridge the divide that making magic may have brought about.  For me, the Autumn Equinox is a time when I cleanse the ways between my Gods and myself.  I cleanse my Temple, my tools, and all aspects of my Spirit…bringing any discord between myself and my Gods and Spirits back into Virtue and harmony.

So this weekend, celebrate and embrace the Bliss of Spirit and if nothing else, celebrate your relationship with your Gods!  If you want to share this celebration with those of like mind, come to The Green Man Saturday evening for a Beautiful Druid Ritual Celebration of this Sabbath!

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