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Ask a Witch: Becoming a Better Witch Part2

Ask a Witch: Becoming a Better Witch Part2

This is the second part to the question I was asked last week about how to become a better witch. If you haven’t read that one, I suggest you go back and do so that way you have some idea of what I am talking about here. You can find the previous entry here.

The next step is a bit more tricky, but I will do my best to explain it as best I can. The other half of becoming a better witch to make your magic better is to be able to create the energy of your intention and allow it to grow without you.  So much of what is readily available in books is taught from a perspective that magic is used to change the manifest world. I have a different understanding of magic. Yes, magic is used to change the manifest world, but it can also be used to create a new reality. Before we dig into those ideas, I want to explain my understanding of them.

When we say magic is used to change the manifest world what most are doing is using the basic elemental forces that are the building blocks of earth and manipulating them to make something within a earthly construct. In this way, all that is being done is energy is raised and added like dressing to a salad and then tossed and put back in a bowl. You have something new, but the core of it is still the same because you are working with the elemental building blocks of earth.

The other way in which one can make magic is by creating the energy of your intention and allow it to grow without you. This is different from the above elemental system as it works with the spirit of something rather than its physical form. The first thing you need to do is find a place where that energy resides within you. It doesn’t have to be specific but most of us can pull together a thought about how something makes us feel. You then allow the thought to slowly build within yourself and well up. You keep feeding it and feeding it until it begins to almost pour out of you. Then you allow the energy to do just that, flow from you into the space. Lay the initial spark down in the space around you and allow yourself to feel it outside yourself. The next part is where it gets tricky, you have to allow the energy to completely separate from you and become a spirit of its own. Walk the space until you feel a solid separation between you and the spirit you created. Allow it to walk with you slowly building up until you gently pull yourself away and remove yourself from the space. What you have done is infected the space with a very specific energy; your intention as an idea. Not the how, but the what. When you re-enter the space it will feel very heavy with the energy you laid, it should also feel almost alive as you gave life to a living spirit within that space. Now the spirit has begun to do some of the work and all you have to do is feed it again like you did before and instead this time of walking away, start pushing the energy against your current reality. As you do, this will create spark and tension which you then can use to direct towards a focus point in order to dispatch your magic. Think of this type of magic like pushing a sled up a hill. You have your energy and the sled is a spirit that has many identities. You push the sled up the hill leaving tracks behind you. As you move up the hill, you envision the moment of release when you get to sit the sled and ride down the hill. By the time you get to the top, you can almost taste it it’s so potent. Then you sit on the sled and with one push off you go riding the force of all you put into it as you pushed it up the hill. That’s working magic by affecting the spirit; something I was taught and this is one key to becoming a better witch.

To sum this all up, the key to becoming a better witch is to learn how to harness your own power and using that power to stir something outside yourself. Along with this, I want to make clear that one form of witchcraft is not more potent than the other it is merely how you use it. Working an elemental system where you manipulate the natural forces of the earth is very potent and effective in getting results. Using your energy to affect another spirit is also potent; the threads of fate and causality can be walked and manipulated in order to create a different reality.

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