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Welcome to my very first blog ever!  Yep, I’m nervous.  I’ve never been in blog before (extra points to those of you who know what song that’s referencing).  I was told not to teach, necessarily, but to write about my experiences with the stones.  Okay….

Crystals and stones have energy and vibrations.  Many people pooh-pooh this idea; however, they accept that their watches run on crystal batteries, and they keep a safe distance from, say, piles of uranium and plutonium.  On the other end of the spectrum from denying the energy of stones is the view of Native Americans (and of other cultures, I assume): there is spirit and power in everything.  I like that view better.

When someone asks me, “What does this crystal do?” or “What is this one good for?” I often say something like, “Well, for ME, it means/does [whatever it means/does for me] — and now here’s what others say about it too.”  And together we look up the stone in several books if necessary.  Re: that, I like checking at least three sources to see if writers generally agree on the stones, or if there are great variations, or if one writer expresses the qualities in a way that speaks to me more clearly.


I love suggesting stones that can be used for kicking up the energy of a specific candle spell or a mojo bag.  People have asked me to make mojo bags of stones as gifts for pregnant friends, for lovers who must travel away from each other, for prosperity, for friends who have had surgery, etc.  One of my favorites to do was a mojo bag to help with studying – and the customer called to let me know she got an “A” on the test!
That said: I have found that I’m not one of those who can hold a stone in my hand and feel the energy!  I work with stones visually, and have come to trust my “knowing” in that way.  I started by learning the “usual” properties of the stones, and went on from there with my own experiences of them…which might not have involved all the “usual” properties, or might have added others specific to me alone.

And that’s one of the points I want to make: if a stone speaks to you for a certain purpose, then use it.  With few exceptions, you probably can’t go wrong using your own intuition.  (The few exceptions might be like trying to use hematite to get UN-grounded; stuff like that.)  If someone (including me) tells you, “For uplifting energy you might want to get a carnelian or orange calcite,” (because that’s how those stones speak to me) but you associate the color orange with an abusive ex-friend because that’s the color said ex-friend always wore, and the color orange makes you nauseated because of that — then an orange stone may not be the right one for you to use in that situation!  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t use it.  There are classic and “accepted” properties of crystals, but – pardon the repetition — if it doesn’t feel right…you get the picture.  That’s why I will often suggest a certain stone but make the other person pick out the one that feels right from the box full of that stone.  And I will suggest several different stones for a particular use, and let the other person choose which one(s) to use.  It’s always interesting to see what speaks to one person and not to another.


Next time I’ll talk about a specific crystal or two.  Until then, enjoy getting stoned.  Wait, that didn’t come out quite right….


*Please note each Blog is the unique expression of the Blogger and does not speak for The Green Man as an entity…but rather is one of the many diverse colours that make up our Green Man Tribe.

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