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Working and Healing with the Seven Planes by Russell Part 2

Working and Healing with the Seven Planes by Russell Chan

This blog is a continuation of the first blog, which took a quick peek at spiritual planes 1 through 3, how they manifest and how we heal with them.

Before leaving behind Plane 3, let’s take a look at some of the consciousness manifestations from this plane.  They can be called Truths (but there are many Truths), Beliefs, Opinions, Illusions, even Dramas.  Some 3rd plane dramas include the following:

“The disease of _____ cannot be healed.”
“The disease of _____ is hereditary, so it cannot be healed.”
“It takes approximately [#] [days/months/years] to be healed from that problem, because the experts said so.”

I was working on a personal trainer/body builder who was suffering from a 2-year-old ankle injury.  He tried sports medicine therapy, acupuncture and massage with negative results.  This trainer had 3rd plane beliefs of, “It takes a long time to heal from a sports injury,” and “Everyone from my father’s side takes forever to heal from anything.”  Once these illusions were corrected, he was able to walk normally with regular ankle flexibility, free of pain.

4th Plane: Astral/Spiritual

Ancestors, spirit guides, totems, and waywards/lost souls dwell on the 4th plane.  Although s/he tends to visit and work with many other planes, it is the Shaman who is most commonly associated with the 4th plane.  This is also the plane associated with mediums who work primarily with the dead.  This plane contains the truth of initiations, in that spiritual advancement and enlightenment is supposed to come through some type of initiation, test, life-threatening illness or accident, little death or trial.  The Wiccan initiation challenge, “Art thou willing to suffer to learn?” is a 4th plane belief, along with the concepts of self-sacrifice, taking on a patient’s illness and getting rid of it, and the false sense of power that having healing abilities makes a person more special than anyone else.  Some other 4th plane beliefs/illusions include the following, which can also be found on the 5th plane:

“As a healer, I cannot use my gifts on myself – only for the good of others.”
“The more I suffer, the closer I am to God/dess.”
“I am not allowed to accept payment for my abilities…I can accept [bartering/non-monetary payments/etc.] instead.”
“I have to be poor to be close to God.”

5th Plane:  Deities, Shining Ones, Masters, Angels, Ultimate Good Versus Evil

The 5th plane is probably the most colorful, interesting and complex plane.  It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement, wonder, drama, knowledge-debates/brain candy and beliefs of 5th plane energies. Let’s take a look at what we find on the 5th plane.

All deities, angels and masters from all cultures reside on this plane, as well as “bad-guy” deities and fallen angels.  Also, the majority of religions can be found here, too.  Many of the monotheistic religions who believe they are following the one High God, like Yahweh and Allah, are actually only accessing 5th plane deities.  Why?  Because you know you’ve only reached 5th plane deities when you can attach to the deity a culture, a preference (“My God loves these people, but will strike down those people over there” or “My Diety prefers the sacrifice of these items, but no one would ever dream of giving the Deity those items”).  Any deity that has a face, a name, an orientation, a sex/gender, a culture, certain tastes and preferences, political agendas/affiliations, dislikes, and correspondences/limitations is a 5th plane energy deity.

The concept of needing to continually fight evil is also a 5th plane truth.  I know a lot of people (in law enforcement) who are stuck at this plane of manifestation and cannot move beyond it.  It is their existence and purpose in life.  While it is certainly valid to stop evil from happening and to strive to do good, it’s not necessary to be “locked in” to this belief system.  It takes up a lot of energy and Ego.  So, with the laws of attraction and magnetization (6th plane energies), people who firmly believe that they must fight evil will continually draw to themselves evil, so that they can always keep busy!  Some people thrive with this energy level and make it their jobs to expose people of wrongdoing with a witch-hunter’s zeal and enthusiasm.  Whether their “hunted” is right or wrong is not the issue.

“Us versus Them” is a very 5th plane belief.  I remember when starting out on the spiritual path having to learn many shielding techniques – White Light, energy bubbles and brick walls, etc.  Interestingly, the more I focused on these things, the more I seemed to attract instances where I had to keep shielding and protecting myself.  Since I now work primarily with 7th plane energy, shielding in the traditional magical sense is more of a non-issue.  If I continued to work with 5th plane energy and concepts, it would probably be a good idea to learn psychic shields, circles and protections, as these certainly do work for this plane.  But be prepared to also deal with the corresponding truth/dramas of those people and things just beyond your protective border – they will see that border and want to challenge it!

Knowledge debates about certain spirits and deities is very 5th plane.  These debates tend to occur between two camps of people in their approaches to 5th plane cultural deities.  One camp, which usually focuses on reconstructing their cultural religion, tends to argue that the deity has certain preferences based upon mythology, texts, and the archaeological record.  The other camp goes by UPG – Unverifiable Personal Gnosis.  In other words, even though it’s not mentioned in the texts, if Hecate told me She wants In-n-Out fries and a strawberry shake, then that’s the proper offering to Her.

Protection, guidance and working with angels is also 5th plane.  A beautiful 5th plane practice is to send/pray/direct that an angel tends to the needs of someone you know who might be in trouble.

The concepts of sacrifice and exchange are found on the 5th plane.  The exchange can be one of friendship, like “gosti” in Druidry – “a gift calls for a gift.”  Or, it can be a type of bribe (“Dear God, if I promise not to swear for a month, please heal my aunt from her illness).  It can also be a contract, like signing a demonic pact in blood in exchange for your desires being fulfilled.  Martyrdom and sacrificial deities are also 5th plane.  Christianity can sum it up in John 3:16 –
“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son…”

Modern Druidry is a good example of 5th plane concepts.  When I get together with my Druid grove, we first do a type of shielding or warding in that we make an offering to the Outdwellers so that they won’t interfere with our rite.  Or, we call upon a 5th plane deity (usually a strong, protective personality) to stand guard and watch over the grove.  Many sacrifices are then given – in poetry, song, flowers, and consumable goods to entities not only of the 5th plane, but to energies from planes 1 through 4 as well (to Mother Earth, to the spirits of nature, our totems and our ancestors).  The official grove’s offerings are often chosen from research (oil/meat to a fire, alcohol and silver placed in water, etc.).  Individual offerings can be both UPG-inspired offerings as well as traditional Indo-European offerings.  We then ask for blessings to be returned to us, usually placed in a chalice of drink. When we drink or touch the chalice to our foreheads, we ask for what we want and imbibe the blessings (give and take).

Here are some other 5th plane limiting beliefs that I’ve had to clear from clients…

“I have to be alone/poor to be a healer/close to God.”  This is a subconscious belief usually tied to a client’s lack of love life or continual experience of lack/poverty.

“I have to give up one of my senses in order to have a strong sixth sense.”
“My own powers won’t work on/for me.”
“I have to earn God’s love” or “I have to work hard for God’s love.”

There is a popular 5th plane belief that I’ve discovered is quite common among Catholics and followers of the Orishas and/or Voodou Loa – “Creator-God is too far away to hear my prayers and to work with; I must therefore work with/send my prayers to intermediary/finite spirits.”  There is a human/Ego concept that, due to their human-like dramas, the lesser spirits/deities will care more about my human problems than the unknowable, distant Life Force.  Yup, there’s that 5th plane concept of separation.

** A side note about Beliefs…There are no “good beliefs” and “bad beliefs.”  Beliefs serve the Ego.  The Ego’s job is to protect you (whether it’s for your highest good or not).  Some Beliefs are useful for certain periods of time.  At other times, these Beliefs might no longer be helpful and can become a hindrance.  It’s possible to outgrow a Belief, yet not be able to release the Belief, even if you’ve publicly/consciously stated that you have.

In my next blog, I’ll cover the last two planes of 6 and 7.  Meanwhile, take a look at how you interact with planes 1 through 5.  They each have things to teach us, but also limitations.


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