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Working and Healing with the Seven Planes


Hi, I’m Russell. I don’t normally blog, but people have asked me how I do personal manifesting and healing using little-to-no physical tools. Since I’m a pedantic Taurus, I will try to make these blogs interesting without sounding like a sonorous, monotonous professor! *bull snort*

My basic view of the Universe is based upon a seven-plane system. Boeing, Lockheed, Cessna, Airbus, Grumman…I’m kidding. That’s aviation humor (I used to fly prop planes). The seven planes are a way of explaining how energy vibrations and light manifests into our world. These planes can and do cross over and intersect with each other, so they aren’t rigidly separated. I have had experience in psychic-magical practices and healing with these planes, and chances are, so have you! In this first blog, let’s begin by looking at the first few.


1st Plane: Mineral

In the first plane, we realize that what may seem inorganic actually has life. Mother Earth is alive and well. Stones can talk to us. If you’ve ever created a mojo bag using stones, you’ve done manifesting with the first plane. If you’ve ever laid crystal patterns on top of a person, you are healing with the first plane. More commonly, if you’ve ever taken zinc tablets to help your immune system, you are healing yourself with the first plane.

2nd Plane: Plant

The second plane covers all plant life and vegetation. It’s also the realm of elementals and nature spirits, like leprechauns, pixies, sprites and garden/forest faeries (as opposed to deities who are sometimes called Fae). I do like being in Nature and walking through beautiful gardens. Ireland is one of my favorite countries and I’ve been there thrice. However, since I’m a bit of a control freak within my own personal realm, I am highly suspicious of faeries when it comes to my personal magics. Respect them, yes. Ask for their assistance, nope. My bull-headed groundedness and lack of humor doesn’t always tolerate their mischievousness — so I highly recommend any faerie work and questions be directed to our Little People Expert, Ms. Elysia Hayes, The Naughty Faery at The Green Man. Otherwise, my recommendation is a fly swatter (ha!).


But I digress. If you’ve ever sprinkled herbs around a candle or added herbs to that mojo bag, you’re manifesting with the second plane. Herbalists are second-plane healers. Swallowing modern medicines that have been extracted from Amazonian jungle plants also counts. I would also extend second-plane healing to Chinese traditional healing diets, in that certain vegetable dishes and soups are tailored specifically for healing certain conditions. The Chinese don’t always give their patients a bitter herb to swallow. Sometimes, preparing certain meals can do the trick.


3rd Plane: Earthly Existence/Human/Animal

We have created the 3rd plane with our Egos. It is our basic, physical existence, bound by (the illusion of) space and time. (A quick side note about the Ego…there is nothing wrong with the Ego. It is what created many of our inventions and helped us improve our health and quality of living. It created this computer and continues to work on solving Cancer and AIDS. But sometimes you need to turn off the Ego to tune into Spirit. Ego is like a chainsaw — it can help create firewood, log cabins, and scare off screaming teenagers in a horror flick. But to have a chainsaw constantly running 24/7 is not beneficial and very unwieldy. So is the Ego unchecked.)


If you communicate with animals, you are working with the third plane. If you use human effort to heal (massage, surgery, dental, optical, chiropractic, etc.) that’s third plane. A doctor/surgeon might be using planes 1 through 3: The metal scalpel is mineral. The cutting is human effort in space/time. The medicines may have been derived from plant sources. I have a certification in massage therapy, so that’s my experience with third plane healing.


Are you still with me? Later, I’ll discuss the “higher” planes and it’ll hopefully all make sense.


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*Please note each Blog is the unique expression of the Blogger and does not speak for The Green Man as an entity…but rather is one of the many diverse colours that make up our Green Man Tribe.

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