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Working and Healing with the Seven Planes part 3

Working and Healing with the Seven Planes, Part 3

by Russell Chan

Hello!  This is the third and final blog in my three-part series of “Working and Healing with the Seven Planes.”  I’ll be covering planes six and seven, but first I’ll do a quick review of the previous planes. (Links to first two parts at the bottom of this blog)

Plane 1: Mineral
Plane 2: Plant
Plane 3: Human/animal
Plane 4: Astral/Ancestors
Plane 5: Deities, religions, duality/oppositions

Each plane can be used effectively in healing, magic and divination. The planes are connected to each other.  Each plane also has its limitations, its particular paradigm accompanied by its rules, truths and illusions. But now, let’s move on to the sixth plane.

6th Plane: The Laws of the Universe

The forces that govern our universe are represented by the 6th plane. Gravity, magnetism, light, energy, matter, astronomy, physics (both the old Newtonian and the upcoming Quantum physics), and all those laws you learned in science classes are here.  Also, the more “metaphysical” laws are here – the Law of Attraction, the Law of Cause and Effect, Karma, etc.

The occult “sciences” (versus the occult “arts”) are sixth plane, such as astrology, numerology, geomancy, feng shui, vortices/ley lines/earth’s energies, dowsing, psychokinesis, the phases of the moon for use in magic, sacred geometry, alchemy, and the use of occult diagrams and shapes whether physically etched or drawn in the air. The Hall of Records/Akashic Records exist on the 6th plane.

Examples of healing using 6th plane energies would be using colored lights, sounds and sound vibrations (musical instruments, chanting, singing), and music therapy in general.  Acupuncture and acupressure involve the energy meridians of the body.  Polarity therapy and Therapeutic Touch use the laws of magnetism and the proper placing of the hands over the body.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, which I enjoy using occasionally) uses energy meridians along with brain balancing techniques.  Healing with the chakras and the body’s energy systems is 6th plane, along with Reiki and its use of sacred diagrams.

You may have heard the phrase, “Laws are meant to be broken.”  Well, this is true to some extent on the 6th plane.  Instead of saying “broken” I’d say that laws can be bent, manipulated, or perhaps more accurately, there are laws not yet discovered or defined that make some laws *appear* to contradict each other.  For example, there are Newtonian laws of physics that govern how matter exists and stays together.  Yet, we can bypass these laws with laws governing psychokinesis, teleportation and levitation.

Healers using 6th plane energies usually have moved past the illusion of separation from the 5th plane.

One thing I’ve noticed (though it’s certainly not 100% of the time) is that many people who experience 6th plane energy healings do not always need to experience a dramatic catharsis to become healed.  Yes, the healing itself can be completely effective, but tears are not always shed.  Loud, hacking coughing doesn’t always manifest, and neither does violent shivering.

On a side note, I was taught that there is no Law of Love on the 6th plane, because that would mean there’d have to be an equal and opposite opposing Law of Hate.  Yes, there is a Law of Hate and it would exist with all the other Laws on the 6th plane.  But pure unconditional love is that which everything comes from (including the perception of hate), and Love is all about the 7th plane…

7th Plane:  All That Is, Unconditional Love, Creator Energy

The 7th plane simply IS.  It is the realm of unconditional, non-judgmental love.  It is the energy of the Creator of All That Is, the center of the atom, and it encompasses everything, including planes 1 through 6.  There is no illusion of separation.

I have met some polytheists who seem to have trouble connecting to 7th plane energy.  While on a logical level it makes sense that the 7th plane includes everything, on a subconscious level they feel that they are somehow abandoning their deities and becoming “monotheists.”  This in itself is a 5th plane illusion involving separation.  Also, if you think you’ve traveled to the 7th plane, and you are greeted by angels, faces and deities, you have probably only reached a high level of the 5th plane.  In the 7th plane, there is only light.

When healing with this level, you are bypassing the limitations, laws, perceptions and dramas from planes 1 through 6, including time and space limitations.  This energy is available to everyone for healing and change.  However, blocks and limited perceptions (within the healer as well as the client) can impede this love from doing its job. Think of it this way – in the eyes of the Creator of All That Is, we have started with 100 points.  But with our own perceptions and beliefs about ourselves, others, our own guilty feelings and hang-ups, our own beliefs of how the universe should and ought to work, along with free will, we unwittingly deduct our own points and create blockages.  We may even feel we are being punished by deity.  This is also illusion.

One effective way of working on the 7th plane is through the Theta brain wave, as opposed to the Alpha brain wave.  A system of healing called ThetaHealing (by founder Vianna Stibal, and is my favorite healing modality) can create rather amazing, permanent and extremely fast healing results on many levels, since it opts to use the Creator of All That Is energy – free of any time/space/obligation limitations. Since everything essentially comes from the 7th plane, healings can be done without the use of the tools, chants, visualizations, diagrams and prayers found in the spiritual arsenal of planes 1 through 6.  A 7th plane healer often discovers that s/he no longer feels the need to belong to any religion, per se, since all religions and deities are essentially 5th plane.  This doesn’t mean that a practitioner can no longer communicate with spirits, befriend angels and deities, nor heal with stones, chakras and candles.  These all fall within the Creator’s energy.  But it isn’t necessary from the 7th plane perspective in order to be effective.  Vianna Stibal suggests that if a person wishes to, say, contact a deity or angel, or do some type of healing work from the first 6 planes, that the practitioner ascends first to the 7th plane/Creator of All That Is, then contacts the eity/angel/healing modality with the power of the 7th plane behind him/her.

I hope you enjoyed this outline of working and healing with the seven planes!

Be Well Always,

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