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Witchy Wednesday ~ Animal Messages

Witchy Wednesday ~ Animal Messages

It’s just another normal morning and you switch on the TV as you’re getting ready for work. There’s a commercial about a little lizard.  As you leave home and walk to your car, a lizard runs in front of you.  When you drive to work you glance up, only to notice a billboard with a lizard on it.  At work, thumbing through a magazine in full blooming color, you guessed it: there’s an article about lizards. And if you haven’t noticed by now, lizards are appearing just for you all day. The thing that finally makes you start to make a connection is when you go shopping at the end of the day, and the shirt you buy has a lizard logo.  Now it ignites a thought.  Why are you seeing all these lizards?  What does this mean?  This can be considered a coincidence, but actually the animals are nudging you with a message.  You do some research; you discover what the lizard is trying to tell you. One of the lessons of the lizard is detachment.  What is it that you need to let go of?  Take heed of the messages of the animals.  From my experience I can tell you that they never lie.  If you step back and look at your circumstances, you can find that their messages can bring clarity and help with various situations presently in your life.  So the next time a certain animal keeps appearing , don’t ignore it–explore what messages they have for you.

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