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Ward Off Spirits: Ghost Get Gone by Intuitive Shana

ingredients for the "ghost get gone" spray to ward off spiritsI thought I would share with you all a little potion that I have conjured up that helps keep spirits, negative energy and other bad juju at bay and ward off spirits.  I came up with this recipe during my more active days (or should I say nights) as a ghost hunter. During that time I came to realize that hauntings and energy are very sticky, meaning that it is easy to take home with you!!! This spray has been so useful for me that I definitely have it on my list of requirements for any “Psychic Oh Shit Kit.”

When my niece was about six years old, she began to tell her mom that she would see a “bad man” in the hallway at night when it was time for her to go to sleep.  Being the resident witch of the family, I got a call asking to help remedy this situation and knew just what to do. I whipped up a batch of my “Ghost Get Gone.” Since this particular batch was going to a six year old I gave it a kid friendly, yet effective name: “Magic Monster Spray.” This was a good opportunity to teach her not just about bravery and ghosts, but also about boundaries and claiming her space. Sometimes, all you need to do to lay out some otherworldly boundaries is to say “Get out! This is my house and you’re not allowed here!” and spray copious amounts of Magic Monster Spray to boot the “Bad Man” out of your hallway.  While my niece, like most children,  felt that she needed to soak her hallway, a few spirits of the spray will do just fine when it comes to evicting unwelcome ectoplasm guests.

The recipe is quite simple and the ingredients are affordable and relatively easy to find.  So do a quick shopping run, grab a spray bottle and get to witching! Keep a bottle in your “Psychic Oh Shit Kit” and one on hand around your house. When you feel a layer of funk around or if ghostly activity kicks up, spray your new potion around your house while reciting a protective/banishing chant, affirmation or prayer.

Ghost Get Gone aka Magic Monster Spray

You will need:

·       A spray bottle (preferably made out of glass but if this is for a child please use plastic for safety purposes)

·       1 bottle of Florida Water

·       1TBS Camphor granules

·       1TBS of dry Rue  -or-  1 spring of fresh Rue

Add your Rue and Camphor to the bottom of your spray bottle and fill the entire bottle with Florida Water. Put the top on and swirl or shake to mix the ingredients together. Ta-da! You now have your own batch of Ghost Get Gone… or Magic Monster Spray, whatever works for you.

If your feeling artsy you can decorate the bottle with glitter or protective sigils. A protective and kid friendly decoration would be a dragon or dinosaur.

Cheap, fast and effective witchcraft at its finest.

Intuitive Shana

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