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The Magic of Crystals

The Magic of Crystals

Nowadays you can’t go to any sort of spiritual store and not find a selection of crystals. Crystals are powerful tools used by many people to achieve a variety goals. Crystals or stones are manifestations of magic within the Earth. I like to think of them as USB hubs that I can plug in for different intentions. We are going to take a look at the magic of crystals to provide a general understanding of how they work, what you can do with them, and of course, how to cleanse and charge crystals.

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How Do Crystals Work?

Crystals and stones have a unique molecular structure. They are basically a freeway that conducts energy all throughout it. The way I see how crystals work is through frequency. Each person vibrates and gives off different kinds of energetic frequencies; the same is true for crystals. Each stone has a generally agreed upon magical property. For example, a piece of rose quartz vibrates with the energy of love and contains the frequency of self-love, self-esteem and healing. The way they work is by being in your energetic aura. The crystals radiate out the specific frequency you intend upon them, and then tunes that frequency within yourself to heal and function optimally. This can also work if you want to change the energy of a space. For example: You own a business and you wish to draw customers and be prosperous. You may place certain stones in the area that promote trust, prosperity, and happiness. That will change the energy of the space to that frequency and you will draw customers to achieve your goal.

How Do You Cleanse Crystals?

Once you purchase a crystal or stone, you may feel the need to cleanse the energy of the stone from anyone who may have come in contact with it.  The easiest way I find to do this quickly is to hold the stone in your hand and visualize pure white light flowing from within you out into your hands and finally into the stone. That, for me, gives the energy a gentle push and removes the heaviness. Another way to cleanse stones is to use incense smoke or cold running water. Depending on the stone, you should consider if this is the safest approach. Some stones are porous and water will cause them to erode or crack. Light some of your favorite incense whether it is stick, cone, or loose and run the stones through the smoke to cleanse them. If wish to use water, the method is the same. Just keep in mind that once you feel the stone is cleansed it is done. There is no set time length you need to cleanse them for. There are also a few stones you can use to cleanse other stones as well. Selenite and citrine are both excellent for cleansing crystals. You can either place your stones on a piece of selenite or citrine or simply place them near the stone. With this method, I generally suggest leaving the stones or crystals overnight.

How Do You Use Crystals?

There are many different ways you can use crystals. It honestly depends on what you want to do with them. If you wish to attract an energy to yourself or need stones for healing, I suggest carrying the stone or stones in a mojo bag. If you want to use the stones to change the energy of a space or bring new energy into it, placing them around the space or in a small bowl or box also works. You can also wear crystals and stones in set in jewelry. I for example, wear a piece of black tourmaline around my neck. I wear it for protection and to absorb negativity. Jewelry is a great way to use the energy of stones and make it both fashionable and sometimes covert. You can obtain some lovely quality pieces that don’t look super obvious in terms of magical use. That’s helpful if you work in an office or any place that would potentially be cumbersome.

Here are some answers to questions I get asked about stones and crystals:

Which stones are best for cleansing my chakras?

Chakra stones for me are super easy. I go with the colors and select stones I am drawn to for each one. I don’t feel that there need to be certain stones for each chakra.

Tumbled versus rough, which is best?

Many of the stones we carry come in both tumbled and rough pieces. For me it doesn’t affect the energy of the stone very much. I generally stick with the rule that if you have a bunch of polished stones in a bag or bowl, try to keep rough ones separate so you don’t end up scratching them or chipping off a piece from the rough cut. Also, some stones are usually only available in one form; malachite is toxic in its raw form so most places tend to carry tumbled pieces that are safer.

Is bigger better?

This one is all about practicality. It can be difficult to carry a giant piece of rose quartz or pyrite with you to attract love and money without it being very conspicuous and, let’s face it, a little silly to some people. Stones can be real powerhouses regardless of size. Sometimes a giant hunk of amethyst may only give you a bit of energy meanwhile the tiny citrine chip you have makes you instantly happy and you find money every time you have it with you.

What about the shape?

Shape sometimes can be useful in channeling the energy of the stone. For example, you may find you have better luck with a piece of rose quartz shaped like a heart or a piece of pyrite with many little clusters all over it. Generally it does not affect the energy of the stone, but some who wish to work with specific shapes and the energy that lends will find that shape is important.

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