Kristin Dwan

Ritual Presenter +

Kristin Dwan is a Reiki Master, Business Coach for Healers and Author of “Baptism By Flame – 10 Steps To Ignite Your Light Within” (available for purchase at The Green Man!)  Her passion in life is helping people called to healing and mysticism to find their soul’s purpose and then guide them on living their purpose full time instead of in between day jobs.
She will help awaken within you the healing and wisdom that is yours to use to better your life and the lives around you.
Kristin found her introduction to Reiki and healing early on in life by dying and coming back to life in a burn ward, receiving skin grafts for 3rd degree burns over 30% of her body and going on a huge spiritual journey for the 20 years that have followed…one that continues to this day.  Going through this lesson showed Kristin the huge difference between thriving in life versus merely existing, and she has been thriving ever since!  Over the past 20 years, Kristin has helped healers, spiritual teachers, doctors, scientists and clergy to spread the gift of Reiki as far as possible around this world, a world which needs the healing more and more every day.
She has a deep passion for helping people find the power within their pain and the wisdom within their struggle. She loves empowering people all over the world with the energy of the Universe which Reiki is, in order to heal themselves and the people around them. Each session and class she offers creates a huge ripple effect of love and healing which spreads across the globe.
Her focus within her work is the Shadow and Subconscious programming that we all suffer through in our adult years. Kristin is not afraid to go deep within the darkness of the shadow to help her clients through trauma, loss, grief, depression and fear. She is comfortable working with the shadow because she is comfortable there. Where some healers call themselves light workers, she is definitely a shadow worker…going straight to the root of what holds you back in life.
She holds what she has named Bullshit Bonfires seasonally at The Green Man Store, where people of all ages and spiritual beliefs gather around a ritual bonfire to release the ties to past pain and fear in order to free themselves to manifest the beauty in life they desire and deserve. Within a Bullshit Bonfire, you will receive a cord cutting to anything standing in your way, a ritual burning of that which no longer serves you, a guided meditation to The Universe and back to plant a seed of manifestation in your future and a tarot reading at the end.
Kristin has been a practicing witch for 30 years, and has been holding public rituals for 20 years within covens as well as solo. She has been doing Bullshit Bonfires up and down the coast for the past 10 years, and is excited to focus this offering to the LA Pagan Community, which she has basically grown up in, and holds dear to her heart.
Kristin is the owner of The Healing Woods in Altadena, CA where she offers private one-on-one Reiki training, Business Coaching for Healers and Mystics, Akashic Records Readings, Tarot Readings and Reiki Sessions.

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