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Perfectly Acceptable by Hovik

Perfectly Acceptable: Attending Your First Ritual

Perfectly Acceptable: Attending Your First Ritual

So much time spent researching for days trying to find some glimmer of hope. You think to yourself, I really want to find myself amongst others. Is it the right move? Should I take the plunge even though I don’t know what will happen? Being alone for so long can make the journey scary sometimes, but you finally find somewhere that shines a light that you are willing to follow. Taking a deep breath, you hit confirm and RSVP. Feeling confident yet determined, you start to think about all the components you want to make perfect before stepping out. If you want to do this, you have to look the part and you better make sure of it because all eyes will be on you and nothing but perfect will be accepted. It’s only a few hours away and time isn’t going to slow down for you. Digging through your dresser and you start plucking out all your best black attire and tightest pants. Maybe instead you should go with a more casual look? Something flowing and loose seems like a good option. This is the part where you grab your phone and check pinterest for the latest goth and witchy looks. No time to go shopping so gotta make do with what you got. You settle on a little number that’s a black peasant shirt with black leggings and lace up boots. All accented with a deep purple eye shadow and a black crescent moon on your brow and black lipstick. Driving up, you feel the weight sink into your stomach and you get butterflies. Parking a little further up just to be safe, you give yourself a little pep talk and check in before opening the door and heading inside. You enter the room and suddenly all bets are off and there are about a million eyes staring at you when you enter. The music makes it a little less awkward as you try to find a place without bumping into anyone.

For most of us the above narration occurs rarely, but still enough that it’s worth mentioning. The part I left out is you end up walking into the event sticking out a bit because most everyone is in regular garb, granted mostly black and sexy, but still much more simple than yourself. Everyone has a great ritual and you feel self-conscious because you don’t know the words to chants that apparently everyone already does. You are a little alarmed at the noise and the grunting and trudging along, but everyone seems to be fine with it so you join in even if you feel silly. After the ritual, everyone seems to have a complete 180 as you expect everyone to be all witch all the time turns into regular folks patiently waiting for a small bite of food and lots of wine. You grab a small plate and wait in line feeling alone; then you bump into someone and instead of snark you get a welcoming hello. What follows next is kind conversation and genuine desire to learn about you and what you thought. People aren’t all bad ass all the time; after its said and done, we want everyone to feel welcome and safe. Some people even comment on your outfit, but also make cute jokes about trying to mill around with those boots. You crack a nervous smile and find yourself a little less self-conscious. You half expected all conversation to be about magical tomes, spells, and mugwort. Instead everyone is discussing recent events and the latest cat memes. At the end of the night everyone cleans up and says their good byes. A few people even came up to you and gave you a gentle hug and pleasure to meet you gesture. The once small glimmer of hope has now grown a bit and you find yourself a little more confident and even willing to come back again for a class or ritual.

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