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New Moon Energy and the Dark Faeries

The New Moon is often overlooked.  Is it because it doesn’t “catch our eye” as easily?  As you start to become more aware of energy around you, you start to notice that there is a shift within everyone around both the full moon & the new moon.  With the Full Moon there is usually a joie de vivre; a kinetic energy in the air, especially around those of us with like minds.  With the Dark Moon, however, for some there is a level of fear, a level of hiding, a level of mystery; this phase has a tendency to bring out all of our hidden qualities that we sometimes aren’t ready to deal with yet.  It is a time for working through obstacles; the ties that bind us, usually brought on by ourselves; all obstacles we ourselves have allowed to stay in our own way. Compound this with the Dark Time Faeries upcoming reawakening and you have some pretty “heavy” energy if you aren’t prepared. We are almost upon the time of the Dark Faeries. When the Dark Time Faeries reawaken they start to take charge of the energies of the world around you, working diligently to shift the focus on pushing you to the next level. Unlike the light time faeries, who will gleefully show you your potential, the Dark time faeries show you all of the obstacles that you need to maneuver through in order to achieve them and more often than not,  how to avoid them in the future. If you truly want big changes to happen in your life, be careful what you wish for this time of year because if these faeries are listening, you are in for a whirlwind of information and energy. But most of all, you will be facing your biggest obstacle, yourself. Walking the more broad minded spiritual path is never an easy one:  it comes with a lot of owning who and what you truly are inside, even the parts of you that you may be afraid to admit; afraid to address; afraid to… well, own.

The veils of time grow thin and grey

The time of the sun grows further and further away

A new awakening is on the horizon

A shift in the air…

Changes have definitely been happening; the wheel of the year has turned another spoke has passed by; the veils grow thinner as each day passes; introspection is inevitable. The nights grow longer; the air grows crisper. The moisture in the air reflects your emotions back to you, showing you what’s inside; what are you made of? Once again reminding you of emotions long forgotten, putting you back in touch with your higher self and the kaleidoscope of emotions that come with learning about who you really are and where you are supposed to be going. You truly are strong enough to handle anything that comes your way; nothing is beyond your reach when it comes to working on yourself, it’s simply how far you are willing to go. Make the conscious effort; show the initiative. Just when you think you have reached your limit, stretch just a little further. You will be rewarded when you do. Progression is inevitable; the pace is truly up to you. THIS is why you truly are here today. Allow yourself to evolve, push just that much further each day. Don’t allow the darker times to take you over, still take the time to go outside. Commune with the new unfolding of the season; truly take a look around you, what is nature trying to tell you. Often we have our own personal seasons; patterns. Learn to understand them as you have come to understand the seasons and patterns of the world around you and you may become surprised with what you find inside. Like nature, we are not necessarily creatures of habit but patterns. Patterns of reflection; patterns of emotion; patterns of prosperity and how we obtain it; patterns of relationships; and so on. Learn them and you will learn so much more about yourself. This is how you stretch, evolve, go further. This is very much the lesson of the Dark Faeries.


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