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Light Time or the Seelie Faeries of the Solstice


Summer Solstice has traditionally been seen by many as “Faerie Time”. A time when the Seelie are in their zenith, the shimmer of spring cascades into the sultry waves of summer creating a gateway to change & for many this heralds the returning of FUN! Encouraging you to take time out of your day, direct your face to the sun for a moment and just embrace the moment. Take time to mark special moments in life. Acknowledge stepping stones along your path that you have managed to get to. You are one step closer to your goals. And if you feel you have not been progressing, then change it. Let the sun energize you. That lulling, warm glow is not to just put you to sleep but to comfort you, to help bolster your confidence to move along your path.But what does this have to do with the faeries you ask? Everything! They can be some of your biggest cheerleaders, for faeries are all about progression & change. However if you take life too seriously or don’t pay attention they could lead you on a merry trip into a faery ring to lose yourself in. You need those fun moments in your life. Those child like times where you allow the child inside to come out and play. Many people think that growing up is about losing the child like qualities, I humbly disagree. “Growing Up” has more to do with learning how to incorporate child like qualities we all have into our new found knowledge that we gain along the way. All of these moments, all of these bits of knowledge & tools that we learn how to use are proverbial puzzle pieces to our lives. Some are so easy to find while others elude us for so long that it seems we will never find them…So what happens when you have found all of the pieces? Ahhh, that’s where the faeries come in, the messengers beyond time & then you find the most special pieces of all, the ones outside of the laid out picture before you. The continuation of the edges, your connection to your ancestral self & even further beyond. This stretches the mind beyond those of the occultist & the philosophers, for many have just scratched the surface. This is the connection to your true potential. Some of us are lucky & we get glimpses, or nuggets of knowledge from “outside” the edges. For those who have that ability be kind, because there are days when their “puzzle” seems endless. But never feel that you are lacking if you are not one of these people, for we are all special in our own ways. We all have talents that are unique to us, even if it seems similar to others. Rejoice in your individuality as the faeries do. For when you do, you are paying homage to those “pieces” that are on the fringe of coming to you, even further than your own “puzzle”.
So, again, take more time out of your day to allow yourself to dance or sing, uncaring of who may hear or see you. Embrace your inner child because it is and always will be very much apart of you & can be one of your best tool for connection…


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