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Intuitive Interview/Tarot Teasers: First in a series!

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Welcome to the first in a series of posts about tarot, intuition, etc.  In this series I pose the same question to our Green Man readers and see who responds.  Today we hear from Marjorie, Vanina, Jason, Branden, Shana, Elysia, and…wait for it…Griffin!  Hope you enjoy this series.

“They” (whoever “they” are) say that it’s bad luck to buy your own Tarot deck.  I know LOTS of Tarot enthusiasts who own many decks (one friend of mine has at least 30), and I’m pretty sure they didn’t get them all as gifts.  Where did this “rule” come from?  And what do the psychic readers at The Green Man think about it?
Marjorie says:
I’m not sure where the rule came from.  But, I recall reading it in one of the first tarot books I picked up.  I knew right from the start that was a rule I was going to break.  I didn’t know too many people who knew anything about tarot.  The only way for me to get a deck was to buy one.
There is a wide range of tarot decks created by so many different artists.  Tarot has transformed with different artistic expressions.  Because of this there’s more of appeal in finding a deck that speaks to you.  I’d rather find a deck that I can work with than wait for a deck to be given to me.  I honestly don’t know anyone who has waited for a deck to be gifted. 
Vanina says:
I’m not really sure about the rule, I might have heard that one here and there. I think of it more of a superstition like “certain days are better for readings than others,” etc.  Just as there is a bit of truth here and there, it doesn’t really apply to me.  I don’t see it as bad luck at all.  If a deck connects with you, buy it, if someone gives it to you it’s good too. 🙂  I buy some, and some are gifts, and when they are done I toss them out, give them away or trade for a new one. 
My first few Tarot decks were gifts, and that opened the door for me.  I mostly read from the Wizards Tarot deck for querents, and my first deck was a gift.  But after years of reading, I’m on my third deck and I have bought those for myself.  I think I’m due for a fourth.  If an opportunity arises to purchase a deck that speaks to you, I say “Go for it!” Spirit will not hold it against you.
“Does a tarot deck have to be gifted?”  In my school of thought, no.  Are there benefits to receiving a deck?  Yes. Let me share some of my insight….
I believe it does not matter whether you buy or are gifted your first deck.  The cards will work so long as you have knowledge and/or a natural gift. 
Traditionally, though, cards were passed from teacher to student as a sign that student was ready to go in to the world. 
In modern times we see family/friends gifting the practitioner with decks for birthdays, holiday celebrations, etc.  This equates as a sign of love, acting as an activator to ‘awaken’ the deck for the reader.  We still see times when a well-used deck is passed from person to person; this would be an act of passing knowledge from one practitioner to another.  It is up to the new reader to unlock secrets shared between old reader and deck. 
Personally, I gift decks to new readers when they begin their journey down that rabbit hole as I personally follow older traditions.  Setting up with a little ritual to awake the deck each deck gifted.  Giving it life and blessings from my training to their new journey. 
Shana says:
I’ve heard that saying about buying Tarot cards many times but can’t honestly say that I know where this comes from.  I personally don’t think that how the cards are obtained matters (as long as they are obtained ethically of course.)  The most important part of buying/getting a deck is to make sure that it is a deck that speaks to you.  A lot of artists put their own twist in the cards and therefore they can convey a slightly different message.  This energy is what you connect to, and it will help make your readings more accurate and smooth.  So don’t worry too much about how you GET the deck, worry about how you CONNECT with the deck!
Elysia says:
In regards to whether or not you should be gifted a Tarot deck, I have mainly heard this “rule” in reference to your first tarot deck, not all the decks you choose thereafter. Though I tried to look up where this original wives tale came from, I was unable to unearth concrete reference to where the “Rule” was initiated.  My feeling is that this may have been a coming of age thing originally, with the deck passed down from one generation or a tribe member to one they felt were ready or even showed signs of having gifts in that area–a person who could be molded and further taught in the tribe’s/community’s beliefs or systems, “rules” even, to assist them further with their readings with the cards.
Personally, I’m on the fence about this in many ways.  When it’s a good time, the right deck really does have a tendency to show up, or have you stumble across it.  If it is not the right time, most readings just seem…well…off.  Classes may help, but as a teacher I’ve seen more than one individual find out partway into the series that they need a different deck, or even a combined deck.  (One of my personal set ups is a combination of two different decks.)  Either way, Tarot is a tool of divination.  Finding the best way to make the information “flow” is often a little bit of personal growth, mixed in with trust in what you are seeing, and of course at least a touch of intuition.
Griffin says:
In answer to your question, I think that’s a load of rubbish!  “You have to be gifted your Tarot Deck”, what nonsense!  Now I have heard over the years that some folks say your Magical Tools should be passed to you from another and I would have to say that I have received a couple of mine that did seem to come to me in a magical way that felt like Spirit had its hand all over it.   But I have never sat around waiting for such things to happen.  And though on rare occasion something special does find its way to you via someone else, that shouldn’t become the rule!  And ALL magical tools aside, your Tarot Deck?  Nope, of all tools your Tarot Deck is one that you should find and choose for yourself! 
A Tarot Deck is a visual language tool to perceive the qualities of spirit associated with a particular person or issue within the context of a particular time and space.  The visual imagery should speak to you and provoke insight and creativity within you.  The deck works as a key to crack open your ability as the mediator of spirit.  It needs to be just right for you, not someone else!  The last thing I would want is a deck that someone else chose, with appropriate imagery for them… that they found stimulating.  It’s too close to other people speaking for me or telling me how to think, neither sits well with me! 
Some folks have many decks, as each comes with its own personality and voice.  In such a case each deck would find its own special place and application within your world.  And as to inheriting a second hand deck unless it’s just for sentimental reasons, or to add to a collection, well, tired old floppy cards are just not so magical to me! 
Where this may have come from?  Maybe the publishers thought it might increase sales if they pushed their special cards as the perfect gift for that truly special someone?  And all the more special if gifted to them!  

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