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Intuitive Interviews/Tarot Teasers: The Second Episode

tarot cards spread out to prepare for a tarot reading
What do you do to prepare yourself to do a Tarot reading? I’m not talking about “learn Tarot and practice, practice, practice”–I mean, is there any kind of ritual you go through before each reading? Do you mentally clear yourself? How? What you you think of when you shuffle the deck, or do you have your clients shuffle? What do you suggest people (who might not do readings for a living but would like to learn more) do to prepare? What do The Green Man psychic readers say about this? Today we hear from Vanina, Heather, Elysia, Jason, Branden, Monica, and Hovik.
Vanina says:
I detach myself completely or at least try…and zoom in to the person’s energy.
I let my clients shuffle, unless it’s over the phone; then I think about them and their situation.
More than anything I suggest grounding before any reading, so they can read clearly & better. We all have our own way of connecting & disconnecting, and what works for some may not work for others. But I think grounding is important.
Heather reads playing cards, not Tarot cards. It’s amazing to watch!
Heather says:
I mentally clear myself. I am the only one who shuffles my cards, because I am neutral and have no opinion on the result and have no emotional connection to the question. I feel if the client shuffles their energy sways the outcome. When I shuffle I ask the cards to tell me the truth or if I’m asking about a certain person I ask them as well.
Elysia says:
To be perfectly honest, there’s not much that I need to prepare for a reading. Give me a comfortable place and an open person, I’m usually good. I when doing a card reading I usually ask the person if they have anything specifically in mind to focus on, then hand them the deck and have them shuffle the best way they can. I do this, not because I like torturing those who can’t really shuffle decks, it’s sometimes a challenge for people, but as a way to get some energy moving between a person and I. Once I get the cards in my hands again I have a bit more to deal with energetically. Oftentimes that little bit is very helpful. Mentally I kind of poke around to find the loud and clear aspects of the situation that we are talking about and find that when laying the cards down they sync up when telling what I see. A visual aid if you will. Yah… it’s really that simple most of the time. The biggest challenge that most find when doing a reading would be trusting what they see/hear/feel. Getting out of your own way is key.
Jason says:
Each person to be read is unique and like no other, so I think it’s very important to build an intention before each Tarot reading. My ritual is to create sacred space before the reading begins. In my mind’s eye, I summon my spirit guides and have them close by. My hands build chi (energy) and I have it grow around myself and the querent for protection and for openness and clarity. I have the querent hold the cards to allow their energy to soak in to the deck, to build the strongest connection. Finally, I ask aloud “we ask that the cards speak to your highest good.” We are then ready to begin our exploration.
Branden says:
There are different actions/rituals/motions I go through all depending on where I am at, i.e. at a bar, the Green Man, home, coffee shop. I suppose one way I can describe it is reaching down in to the root of the building, getting a hold of where/how it moves and then shifting my readings to work through that.
While I shuffle the deck, I concentrate on the person I am reading for, focusing a tether to them for the moment so my cards and I can understand their situation.
I suggest they take every bit of knowledge the think they know about tarot, and throw it out the window. Approach the cards/spirits the same way you would approach a potential new friend. Make a connection, feel them responding(sometimes this can take time, some cards are stubborn…..or you are…hehe). Remember that the cards operate with a living energy, they are not dead. Laugh with them, share good and bad times. The more experience you go through with the cards, the more they are able to understand and connect with your question(s)/situation(s).
Monica (who reads tea leaves!) says:
Before I do a reading I clear my mind of my thoughts so I can tap totally into the person I’m reading. I also use Purple Haze Or Sight Oil which aids in opening the third eye. This helps especially when doing phone readings which are blind readings because you can’t see or touch the person your reading.   If the reading is in person I’m able to touch their hands and receive information I ask that they say their birth name and birth date so I fully connect with their spirit. I ask this of my phone readings as well. When they are drinking the tea I sometimes get information before I turn the cup over. I also ask them to uncross their hands legs or ankles so nothing is blocked and the energy flows freely. When anyone comes for a reading they should be open and receptive for the information they will be receiving. I’ve have had some clients in the past that are nervous and freaked out and I often wonder what they see in me that makes them feel this way!?! If you’re skeptical or a non believer I always call them out because I take my work seriously.  I feel they are mocking Spirit and wasting time that I could be spending helping someone else. So relax be open and willing to receive the messages and information that’s meant for you.
Hovik says:
Well, the first thing I do when I get ready for a reading is light the black candles on the table with a candle made of fat from the body of a virgin from the island of Crete. Then I drape my black hood over my head and draw an inverted pentagram in lamb’s blood on the table as I pray to the dark lord to grant my visions of foresight and winning lottery numbers of course. I then shuffle my deck backwards sixty six times while chanting the dark one’s name.

I say this because well when you first start reading and learning from books, they always have these long winded and often complicated rituals laid out. I can’t imagine having to go through a lengthy process just to lay some cards about a question like will I get the job I applied for. I would much sooner just pick up the phone and ask them directly. Seems a better use of time if you ask me.

For me personally, all I do to get ready for a reading is take my deck out of the and give them a light shuffle to wake up the cards a bit. Sometimes when you first start out you do need a little more time to get in the right head space, but over time it will get easier and easier the more often you do it. That’s why I think giving people readings often is a good thing because it not only helps strengthen your psychic muscle, but also trains you to turn the switch on and off more easily.

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