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Introduction to Ancestral Healing

No matter if the bonds of familial relationship are strong, stretched thin, invisible, or broken — the blood remembers every mother and every father who walked the path before us. Their joys and hurts, their blessings and banes color our vision of the world just as their genes color our eyes. Thus, a wise road to healing the living (ourselves) is to address the dead. Our ancestors which now dwell out of body also dwell outside of time as we perceive it, and so time in this world is not a thing which must sufficiently pass for them to be healed. Their habits of pain have been cast away along with their physical form — only the memory remains. So to heal we do not have to convince every cell to change, only the unified, fluid spirit needs to shift.

If it’s so easy for spirits to heal, why haven’t they done so already?

Some have. Sometimes when we shake off our physical stuff, all that remains is the joyful soul within that had been so distorted by malfunctioning brain chemistry or intolerable pain or traumatic life experiences. Sometimes when we are having trouble crossing over and are bound by our fears and blinded by our trauma, then a holy and anointed wise ancestor will come forward to help free us and wash our eyes.

Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.

-Helen Keller

But you’re saying my ancestors might need healing… Why don’t these anointed ancestors help everyone?

They do help everyone. It’s just… if you are reading this then you may be one of the anointed, destined to help clean your family’s bones. And as I said, the spiritworld is a place where time works a little differently, so don’t worry, you aren’t late!

How is Ancestral Healing accomplished?

There are as many ways as there are bones in your body (or in your divination bag…) — it depends on the ancestor and the issue. I often begin by leading you on a spirit journey into your blood, seeking the wounded ancestor. By prayers and acts of loving grace we hallow their spirit and guide them to the Lands of Remembering. In this work, wounded means disconnected, broken, bound, individuated–hallowed means connected, aligned and awakened to the purpose of our evolving world. Nothing pushes us to seek and explore so well as Forgetting. Nothing brings peace and stillness so well as Remembering. And so to live we must Forget, and to die we must Remember. (And those of us who Remember while still alive are the initiates, occultists, and spiritworkers who have all been to hell and back, so to speak.)

We seek not only the ancestors with “issues.” The wise and holy ones should be courted as well for their guidance and gifts, for their Memory. Sometimes rather than a trauma or poisonous ancestral pattern we have a blockage, a place where you have closed yourself to the wisdom, memory, power and luck of your blood. With the help of the holy ones we re-open the flow of energy and uncover how it became dammed. With their wisdom we are able to maintain the flow and avoid re-wounding ourselves.

What if I don’t believe in life after death?

Spiritual healing requires no faith or set of beliefs. It does not hinder the work if you think your ancestral patterns and wisdoms rise from the memory within, from your genetic material, or if you think these voices live on outside of your body. It matters not if you consider the visionary work to be imaginary, a healing story or dream, or if your experiencetells you there is something greater at work. Healing is blocked only by denying your experiences and resisting your evolution, in the name of your beliefs.

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