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Introducing Jayson Rivest

A recent article about Jayson’s practice and upcoming training classes.

Jayson Rivest is a natural empath and intuitive who combines his more than 20 years in the Craft with his 10+ years as a Reiki Master/Teacher to assist his clients in restoring the balance necessary for optimal health. You will be put at ease by his gentle and compassionate nature and by his ability to present foreign concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It involves the ‘laying on of hands’ and is based on the idea that free flowing life force energy (known as Ki) is necessary for our body/mind/spirit to achieve and maintain optimal health. Reiki is well suited for a wide range of concerns from stress and tension to pain management and healing emotional trauma to name just a few. It works on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Jayson is available the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays of the month from 11am to 3:30pm for 60-minute Reiki sessions. A session will typically begin with a initial assessment followed by hands-on Reiki treatment concluding with a session analysis. Because each client’s needs are different, the exact length and nature of each phase will vary. Jayson draws on his extensive knowledge of Reiki, healing techniques and metaphysical topics to custom tailor the session to provide you with a deeply healing experience. You will remain fully clothed throughout the session, while Jayson places his hands lightly on or just above your body.


  • Reiki I/II attunement from Jessica Miller of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) [February 2000]
  • Reiki I/II attunement from Suzy Peltier [June 2000]
  • Advanced Reiki Training & Reiki Master/Teacher attunement from Jessica Miller (ICRT) [June 2001]
  • Karuna Reiki® Master attunement from William Rand founder of ICRT and Karuna Reiki® [June 2002 inside Stonehenge]
  • 3rd Degree Priest of the Rainbow Warrior Tradition of Witchcraft [in which he is also one of the three founding elders] – http://www.therainbowwarriors.org

Jayson is also training as a Master Aromatherapist and plans to offer aromatherapy consultations in the future. Interested in aromatherapy in the meantime? You can watch some educational videos that Jayson created on his website, Phoenix Flame & Brigit’s Well. There’s no better way to incorporate what you learn than by making your own custom blends using the fine oils available at The Green Man store.

Upcoming classes and events with Jayson:

Energy Healers Circle (Monthly event)


“If the flow along your meridian lines seem to be sluggish or your chakras seem blocked and out of whack, if parts of your body seem to be tripping over other parts of your body, see Jayson. I have had the privilege of being Reiki-ed by Jayson a few years now, and after every session I feel lighter and more energized. Energy blockages in your body that you cannot seem to move on your own, Jayson not only helps you release it, but explains why it is there so you can be more aware of not causing the block next time. He has been spot on every time with me. Worth your time, effort, and cash.”

-Jeremy B., Los Angeles, CA

“Having been in a car accident some 10 years ago in which I suffered a lower back injury that occasionally manifests in the form of spasms and bouts of intense sciatic pain. I had become accustomed to treating these episodes with the usual prescribed course of Western therapies; heat, stretching, and the sporadic painkiller and muscle relaxers … or when all else failed a large glass of wine! Having many friends who both practice or receive Reiki I was aware of its history and purported benefits, but had never had a therapy session. During one of the Quarterly Healing Faires presented by the Green Man Store, and experiencing one of my periods of pain I decided to try a 1 hour Reiki Session with Jayson Rivest. Any apprehension or uncertainty was instantly dissipated by his calming and professional demeanor. After a quick Client intake, the session began; Jayson immediately identified my “angry” muscles and I experienced what heretofore I had only heard about, the true wonder of Reiki as practiced by a Master. With my eyes closed, and flat on my back, I can only describe what was a relaxing warming sensation throughout various areas of my body including my aching back … which after just a few minutes I discovered was no longer aching! Much to my delight, the pain and spasms did not return for several weeks, and when it did it was substantially less intense. I cannot recommend Jayson’s skill and technique as a Reiki Master in any stronger terms. If you have a chronic condition or for general physical or emotional well being … make an appointment now! You will NOT be sorry!”

~ Colin Baxter, West Hollywood, CA

“I’ve had several Reiki sessions with Jayson and he’s remarkably good with reading energy flow, clearing blockages, and ‘re-wiring circuits.’  I’ve had problems off and on with my lower back for years that stretching, exercise, chiropractics and massage weren’t relieving.  I felt relief from the first session with Jayson and with every time since.  He’s a gifted healer and a real joy to work with.  Highly recommended.”

-Jan I., Park La Brea, CA

“I had a great learning experience on both days of my Reiki training. Jayson is a pleasure to learn from. I would highly recommend his class.”

-Diana I.,  Sun Valley, CA (Reiki I/II Student)

About Jayson Rivest

Jayson Rivest is a natural empath and intuitive who combines his more than 20 years in the Craft with his 15+ years as a Reiki Master/Teacher to assist hi... Read more

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