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Introducing Hovik: Spellcrafter for The Green Man Store

Spellcrafter Hovik

Raised in a family rich with culture and magic, I always had a connection to spirit. Hungry for knowledge, I spent my youth reading and learning the ways of witchcraft and folk magic. A self-taught Wiccan guided by the gods, I worked the ways and expanded my practice. After years of solitary practice, I walked into The Green Man store as a young man in search of more. Wide-eyed by the community of liked-minded individuals, my knowledge and magic grew and led to me joining the tribe and using my skills to help all who seek it. An avid spellcrafter, I use my skills to make custom dressed candles, mojo bags, bath blends, oils, and herbal blends.

About Hovik

Hovik has been communicating with spirits since the age of twelve when they made their presence known to him, literally conversing with him about his magi... Read more

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