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Hearth & Home Faeries

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No magickal home can exist without the Faeries of Hearth & Home because faeries are attracted to those who have that special spark, be it a thirst for knowledge or even a special magical spark.  These faeries’ inner drive is to help, teach, guide, & yes even join in on natural magical occurrences that happen in your home, so why not put them to work?  Since faeries are so universally found in all cultures why wouldn’t you use them?  Because someone told you they were “bad”?  Because you read in some book that working with faeries is a call for disaster?  Hmmm… well I will say that working with them is never easy. Faeries, especially those who roam during the dark times call upon you to really own up to all that you do, who you are, even the parts of you that you don’t want to see or acknowledge about yourself.  But what are some of the ways that you could put to work the faeries that hang out in your home?  I mean do you LIKE when they steal your keys, special papers, earrings, socks, or whatever you happen to be frantically looking for at a time when you desperately need it?  Some of you may even hear the little buggers giggling as you look for these items too.  They’re bored.  Wouldn’t you if you were constantly waiting for someone to live up to their potential & continually didn’t?  It would be frustrating, wouldn’t it?  Faeries at work are usually happiest.  Remember they are energetic beings who can change the energy of things very drastically.  You can set them at your doorways to make sure that any energy that passes through your doorway is beneficial & necessary.  Any unwanted baggage is left at the door ready for someone to pick up when they walk back through it.  You can have them assist you in keeping your home clean & tidy, especially before guests come.  They are wonderful motivators when you put them to task this way & watch out if you don’t pay attention; some of their bites leave marks.  Don’t have a lot of time to spend with your animals?  Faeries can make the best buddies for them.  Not only will they protect them (& make sure you add that in with your charm otherwise you’ll have wandering animals all the time), but they will make sure that your animals are exercised & are the first to tell you when one is sick or in need of assistance.  I have a 30 lb cat who constantly needs to be exercised.  Once I did the animal faery charm on him I began to notice him playing more & he started to look like he was actually losing some weight.  Best of all, faeries assisting in your home when used properly can help you raise the energy of any working.  I’m not saying that they are easy to live with, but I will say that I can no longer imagine a home of mine without them.

A Faery Animal Charm

Items you will need:

  • 2 feet of ribbon in one or various colors
  • Some small charms, beads, &/or other small items that can be knotted into the ribbon
  • A dram of an oil blend of Peach, peppermint (or Rosemary), raspberry, lavender & sage
  1. Take a piece of colorful thread or ribbon about 2 feet in length.  Whatever color or colors come to mind when you think of your specific animal.  You can use multiple strands as well; you might like the effect if you do too.
  1. Fold the ribbon in half & tie a knot at the top so that you have a loop to hang it by.
  1. Now take the individual strands hanging & knot them periodically along each strand.  You can add beads & charms that remind you of your animal too.  Be imaginative!  Don’t be too exact with it all, sometimes the faeries will take the tokens as payment.
  1. Now rub the oil mixture into your ribbon all the while thinking of your pet & simply asking for the right faery for this pet to step forward.  When you feel the ribbon start to get warm you know that the right energy has been added.
  1. Hang the ribbon up in a prominent place in your home & every time you feed your pet be sure to thank their faery protector too.

Threshold Faery Activation

Items you will need:

A statue, plaque, picture or mirror that you feel has good “Watcher” energy






Sea Salt

Sprinkle mixture along each threshold of each door &/or window leading outside of your personal space.  While sprinkling the herbs ask that the energies needed stay in while the baggage energy stay out.  Picture it in your mind how you think it would look.  Place a picture, statue or plaque that you feel will make a good “watcher” of that area.  Personally I love to have something that appears to be blowing kisses or something at the doorway.  It seems to be a more polite way of keeping out energy that isn’t productive to you or your home when others walk through the door.  I sometimes use mirrors to reflect energy back at whoever walks through also just to watch their reactions.  I’ve found that those whose intentions are true & non-combative have no issue & walk on by without notice, but those who are more combative or have “negative” intentions seem get nervous when they walk through the door.

  To some these steps may seem silly, but the more you believe, the more you step outside of yourself & your comfort zone, the more in touch with faeries you are.

~Elysia A. Hays©2009~


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