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Goddess Advocates – Have You Reconciled Your Spirituality and Your Politics?

Goddess Advocates – Have You Reconciled Your Spirituality and Your Politics?

By Dr. Rev. Karen Tate


With the Presidential election a little over two months away, have you considered if your spirituality and politics are in sync? Are you voting for both your economic and spiritual interests? Noted authors have pointed out that often times Pagans or Goddess Advocates have not connected the dots and there is actually a disconnect between the values and ideals of earth-based spirituality/the Sacred Feminine and one’s political affiliation. Perhaps you might like to take stock and think this through and see if your spiritual and political beliefs are in alignment before you cast that all important vote this November.

Consider this:

* Goddess Advocates value women’s rights, whether that is the right to control her body or her right to be treated fairly in her job or career. Women have been the victims of institutionalized discrimination when it comes to pay for years, not receiving equal pay for equal work. President Obama signed legislation the first day he was in office to help women fight this discrimination, contrary to Republicans who constantly vote down legislation to help women receive economic parity. Likewise, it is President Obama who is standing up for women who want to retain the rights to their bodies, while Republicans have spent the last two years trying to make it harder for women to get contraception, obtain an abortion and retain control over their reproductive health. They are the vaginal probe party! Republicans are against abortion even in the case where the life of the mother is at stake. That is literally reducing a woman’s life, her womb, to an incubator or receptacle that can have the plug pulled in favor of an unborn fetus.

* Goddess Advocates, being part of an earth-based spirituality, are the natural caretakers and warriors for Mother Earth. Republicans are constantly trying to find ways to dissolve the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, which regulates big business that pollutes the water and air. Flawed as it might be, the EPA is the gate-keeper standing between the interests of the American people and corporations that would poison the environment for their profit.

* Goddess Advocates should be a reflection of the values of the Sacred Feminine, namely equality, justice, partnership, balance, peace, sharing and caring. Clearly, if you’ve been paying attention, it is the Democratic party who is the champion of not just women, but minorities, gays and immigrants. Just look at the many colored faces peering out at you when the Democrats have their convention, compared to the all-white RNC coming up this week. Democrats have been trying to protect the social safety net so that we have some assurances in our quality of life while Republicans want to privatize everything and leave us at the mercy of the Wall Street Casino. Republicans have been mostly anti-gay and in the pocket of Right Wing Christians who believe gays are an abomination. They want to cut food stamps, the minimum wage and unemployment compensation. It is the Democrats who want healthcare for all as all other modern countries have while Republicans want to keep us at the mercy of Big Business – the healthcare industry.

Clearly it has been the Conservatives and Republicans who have stacked the Supreme Court giving us the George Bush-Dick Cheney Administration which lied us into the Iraq War which companies like Halliburton make billions of dollars from, now that war is privatized. Not only did we go to war with the wrong country, Bush admitted in video tape they stopped looking for Bin Laden. And despite the spin from the Right and Fox News, Bin Laden was killed on Obama’s watch, and that Seal Team went in to get him on Obama’s order. And we have had no terrorist attacks while Obama has been in office.

Clearly it has been the Conservative leaning Supreme Court appointed by Republicans that has given us Citizens United, designating Corporations as people, allowing them to spend countless billions of dollars buying politicians, elections and effectively, our democracy. If Republicans get the White House and we get another Conservative on the Supreme Court, the rights of average people will totally dissolve. We have seen how the deck has been stacked in the favor of corporations over people in the last years with the court having 5 conservatives and 4 moderate or liberal judges. One more conservative appointment will be our demise.

President Obama has been pushing for fairness and for bi-partisanship. He wants to rebuild the Middle Class that has been decimated by Republican trickle-down economics and tax cuts for the rich. We have the biggest income disparity in this country between rich and poor since before the Great Depression and Republican policies only want to further enrich the wealthiest in the country on the lie these people will create jobs. Well, they have not created jobs. They have used their wealth to buy our democracy. They have shipped the jobs overseas. They are Wall Street that destroyed our economy with their risk taking. And Republicans want to privatize your social security benefits and leave it to Wall Street. Sounds like a ticket for disaster for you and me and a windfall for the wealthy!

Recently it was described very clearly. Democrats look at Americans and see people and workers that need rights and protections. Republicans look at Americans and see customers they can make money from.

To investigate this premise a bit more, I invite you to listen to this short video on Eco-Feminist Spirituality for a Sustainable Future, aka Goddess is a Democrat. And before you get caught up in the title – just listen to the content of the talk.



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