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Fostering a Wholesome Home: Tips for Making Your Home Sacred by Hovik

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I strongly feel that while one’s mind, body, and spirit ought to be kept in the best possible space, there is a lack in the realm of the home. It goes without saying that no matter how clean and connected you are on a “microverse” level, if your “macroverse” is out of whack then you will fall victim to it. Most people understand the basic concept of smudging and setting an altar for your spirits and gods. I want to offer my suggestions for making a wholesome home to be the manifest expression of your own personal strength and wellness.

The first and I feel most important thing to do even before lighting a smudge stick is to go in and physically clean your space. Declutter and organize while you give everything a good bit of love and care to make it all clean and shiny. I suggest adding a touch of magic to your cleaning to empower it further and make the act sacred. A little Florida water mixed into your mop wash or any other cleaning products you use is a great way to physically and energetically cleanse your space. I know sometimes cleaning a space can seem a little overwhelming but make a plan and remember that it’s not about getting it done in a day, but getting it started and being consistent. Also remember that as you clean to take out the trash! It may look satisfying to see a huge pile of garbage bags full of junk ready to be tossed but creating a pile of concentrated trash in my opinion creates a magnet of heavy energy. So as soon as you fill up a bag toss that sucker into the dumpster where it belongs! I feel it is more satisfying to see a totally organized and clean house rather than one with a pile of trash in it. I always say organized trash is still trash.

Second, it’s time to tackle things on an energetic level; gather some crystals and polish them up for some good vibes. Everyone is different in terms of what works for them in the area of protection. It will only work if you believe it will. Doesn’t matter how powerful a stone is, if it looks like just another rock to you then it’s not going to work as effectively. The same goes for talismans and charms; it needs to ring true for you on an unconscious level. From the mineral kingdom, I recommend black tourmaline for protection. You can pair it with a bronzite which carries a return to sender energy. It will help send back any energy that you do not willfully accept. If you live with other people or have extended guests, I would suggest adding a few stones to help foster clear communication and understanding within groups to promote harmony and good energetic flow. Crystals for communication include aqua aura which to me looks like tropical blue water in crystal form. It helps with clarity and communication in all areas. Other stones include red jasper which is great for logic and truth, blue kyanite which promotes chakra balance and also enhances the throat chakra. For the protective stones, I suggest setting them along the perimeter of your home or in the corners. I want to stress here that I do not suggest getting thirty stones so you can make a giant circle of stones. Just a few will be more than enough; it’s all about intention not quantity. I feel that if you prepare for the worst then you are inviting that energy so keep it small and precise so that your energetic problems will not be as massive. For the other stones, keep it practical and place them in a decorative bowl in a space where everyone gathers. If you are worried about people touching them, I offer a trick I use at home and that is to place them in a potted plant. No one ever looks there and the plant will only amplify the energy.

If stones and crystals aren’t your bag, then here are some other alternatives. Start by creating some sigils or charms for protection. There are a wide array of books and resources both online and in classes that teach you how to construct them. The simplest protective symbol is the shield; it’s pretty straight forward and not weird or too witchy. I say this because while we all wish to live a fully “witched up” life, we have to remember that there is a necessary balance of spiritual and mundane. One of the most effective ways to shut down something that got stirred up from some energy work is to simply walk away from it. You are the battery and if you pull the plug then the energy will dissipate. Now, this isn’t for when things get really hairy, but for the less wild energetically charged moments this method is great. You may also wish to do a smudging or other incense to cleanse the space. I prefer palo santo, lavender, or sweetgrass as opposed to just white sage because I have found that sage is like an energetic bleach. It tends to wipe away everything both good and bad; we don’t always want that to happen so other burning herbs are better suited. We also carry a special hand blended loose incense you can burn called “Get Out and Stay Out”. If smoke is something you or those you live with are sensitive to, you can also use sound. I like loud rattles or clapping to break up energy, then something more harmonious like a singing bowl or chime to fill the space with good energy.

Now that things have been cleaned, cleared, and cleansed it’s time to make it wholesome and sacred. Every witch should have some kind of altar in their home or space. It helps to act as a portal to commune with your gods, leave offerings, or simply to meditate in front of. I always recommend people make some sort of daily communion with their altar. It is after all the home for your spirits so stop by for a visit. Clean them up and say hello, give them a drink or some food. It may seem silly, but I assure you every good witch does it and, if you are alone no one is around to see it so it’s not silly at all. Be sure to always keep their candles and other offerings in order. Building that relationship means you can use your altar to ask your spirits and gods to protect you and your home. To make it wholesome and holy is to be in good terms with those on the other side of the veil.

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