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Faery Friday ~ The Awakening of the Dark Faeries

So, Samhain is just around the corner, Mercury is in Retrograde, it’s a Full Moon, AND it’s an Eclipse!?!? Oh dear, are we feeling a bit overwhelmed right now!?!? Not to mention, people who have very limited sight now are seeing things more than before, often out of the corner of their eye. Do you think it’s a coincidence that there are more ghost stories and ghost hunts happening around this time of year? Now I’m here to tell you that the Dark Faery are stirring up around you as well. Yah, those little dark shadows that you have been seeing out of the corner of your eyes for the past couple of weeks? Nope, you’re not going crazy—well, not in regards to this anyway–and if you are going crazy, here is an excuse at the very least. But more than likely it’s the Dark Faeries, often called the Unseelie. Some can be ghosts or spirits, sure, but the darting ones are often Fae. Now for some folks this might get their hackles up because of the unsavory labels that have been put on Dark Faery/Unseelie over time. Are they easy faeries to deal with? Honestly, what faery IS!?! Seriously, many people have just wanted to deal with the Seelie, or the Light Faeries. I have news for you, they are just as bad. On a good day, the Seelie will show you all of your potential and the beautiful things you have to look forward to. They help nurture the plants of Spring to awaken and thrive, some all the way through summer. They often watch over the new promising souls who have entered during these times as well, whispering, singing, and watching. On a bad day, they can get bored with you and lead you on a wild goose chase to nowhere, leaving you frustrated, or you could start to feel like you are being poked and prodded by those little demons that you see pictured with the Devil himself, with the little pitchforks, poking and prodding the poor soul, with utter glee. I’m telling you, stay on those guys’ good sides! While the Dark Faery, or Unseelie, can be quite naughty themselves, they are the shadow workers, telling you that sure, you have much potential, but look at all of the crap that you have to learn to navigate through in order to get to it!?!? You didn’t think that your potential came for free did you? Well, claiming it doesn’t, just thinking about it does. But what fun is it to just think about it? Seeing all of the things that one has to still work on is not an easy thing. More often than not it’s something that many of us avoid or shy away from because it makes us uncomfortable. Think of the Dark Fae as the Bouncers to your potential. Work through certain issues you have personally and they will open a new door for you. Keep avoiding these things and you often will get shoved back into a new scenario where you are yet again faced with the same issue, just in a slightly new way. The more you push it aside the worse the scenario can become. Now will they get bored with you like the Light Faeries? Sure; however, unlike the Light Faeries, the Dark Fae will just ignore you and go about their more important jobs, like marking the souls for their next journey—helping to prepare for the big Faery Gathering where both energies of fae come together to hold open the gates for these souls to go through. Yup, you guessed it, they are the Gatekeepers and the Key Masters of transition. Oh there is a whole joke in there, I know, but I digress. The Fae are the mediators of the Thresholds of Fate, Death, Life, and many other Realms.


How to navigate through the Dark Faeries time. It’s not hard really. Just address your personal issues, and I mean REALLY address them. Dig deep. If many people have been telling you the same thing over and over about what they feel is an issue that they have with you, hey, it might be worth looking into. If you have a pattern that you keep repeating over and over again with money, love, relationships or friendships, heck, even dietary things, it may be worth it to dig into to find out why. You’ll see when the door opens; it’s quite an amazing feeling really. Be careful with egos however. Egos are meant to be a part of us, but when they become too out of control you WILL topple off of the top of the pedestal that you have put yourself on. And if you are in a situation where there is a high possibility of faeries being around, yah, they might just kick it down too. Even if there are others who put you on that pedestal, it is up to you to navigate how to balance it out. Giving back to those around you helps. Find the other areas around you that need help and genuinely give back. In many cases it is as simple as that. And above all, give back to any and all of your guides, guardians and yes the faeries, for progressing you through the phases you have made it through so far. For the Faeries I always recommend BOOZE! It’s not quite as nasty as other things to dispose of if they leave leftovers. Milk and Honey are a great alternative, but only outside. Seriously don’t want to invite the ants and really the smell of spoiled milk is just not necessary. Sweets and sparkly things are always great, but I like to bury them in the garden, treasures for them to find.


So Head up and Faery on! Your potential is yours to claim, you just have to do the work to get it….


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