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Walpurgis Nacht Vision Quest with Griffin & Carrie

May 17 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Walpurgis Nacht Vision Quest. Presented by Griffin & Carrie
*Note: prepayment required! Call as this one WILL sell out fast!
818 985 2010

We had a kick ass Beltane Festival on May 5th. Beltane is a Pagan celebration for the Community at large to celebrate the fertility of the creative principle in each and all of our lives. The darker side of this seasonal celebration coin is something that the Witches would work on what in Britain would be called May Eve but is more often known by it’s German name, Walpurgis Nacht! So to finish off our Beltane Season, albeit late, we thought to observe or rather explore this Witches Sabbat Celebration in a physically safer venue but where the spirit of the Witches Sabbat can still be explored in all it’s potency.

So what then is this Witches Sabbat of May Eve and how does it differ to the Traditional Beltene Festival? To completely grasp this, join us for the upcoming Vision Quest May 17th. But for a general overview, as Beltene is where we embrace the Veil of Life, the Eve is where we take a hands on approach to encountering and claiming the Lifeforce of Nature that dwells beneath the Season of Life.

This is where the power of ones own primal nature, the power of ones Soul, is embraced and unleashed. Witches are known to work with Spirits, cast spells, to awaken the forces of nature and direct them. All this is only made possible through ones own connection with the Draconian Soul of the Witch, that can when fully awoken connect and direct the Draconian power of the Soul of Nature within the Land. This is old Dragon Lore that has been translated through many filters into many Witchcraft Traditional forms. But its deep roots come from the Soul of the Dragon which dwells within the Witch as it does within all aspects of Nature.

The awakening encounter with the power of the witch is through the Witches Sabbat, where the raw nature of the primal self is explored without judgment or reservation. The reward of this exploration is the access and power of the creative powers of nature manifesting through the Draconian or Ophidian Witch.

Warning, this will be a challenging Vision Quest that will require the travelers to make a journey where civilized people would fear to tread.

In general, these popular monthly Vision Quests serve to help awaken the Sight and Gifts in the Seeker, offering a number of opportunities to connect with and receive gnostic insight into your Fate, Path and practices, both within your mundane world as well as your Magic.

*Please Note: As attendance is limited due to space, and these workings have become so popular, we have found ourselves needing to require pre-payment, so as to protect the spaces for those who commit to coming! So please call to pre-pay in order for you to reserve your spot!

Also, please bring a salty snack to share for after the Vision Quest.
These can be powerful workings, so we recommend that you please be prepared to stay and engage in the after-Quest discussion while you ground and perhaps receive clarity on any insights you may have received.

Actually for this one, considering the extreme nature of this encounter, I would recommend bringing lots of salty snacks and other grounding foods or snacks… plus perhaps some wine? We usually spend some time after in discussion and socializing.

Cost is $28.00 $3.00 discount for cash.


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