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Vision Quest to Lupa & Lupercus with Griffin

March 4, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Vision Quest to Lupa & Lupercus with Griffin flyer

Vision Quest to Lupa & Lupercus with Griffin flyer

A Lupercalian Vision Quest!
With Griffin Ced
Reservation Required 818 985 2010

Io Lupercus (Pan) Io Lupa (She-Wolf Mother)
This year we are celebrating and working the Lupercalia in a Vision Quest. This is a great opportunity for those first-timers who want to experience the Lupercalia and all the gifts that the festival brings, without having to jump into the deep end, so to speak.

The Lupercalia is a notorious Roman Festival, usually celebrated on Feb 14th, which today we celebrate as Valentines Day, a day of Love and Romance. Back in ye olden Roman Days, this was festival of cleansing, purging and then fertility, the idea being that to make fertile and affluent the coming year, one should first clear the field, prior to seeding the field.

The cleansing and purging aspect of this Festival had its roots in an older Greek Festival called the Lykaia. This was a Ritual that focused on the purging of complications; issues and trappings, often associated with those socialized societal aspects of our humanity, which binds our primal power and nature within. During this Rite of the Lykaia, Human Sacrifice was practiced as a form of the Hieros Gamos, ritually sacrificing the Flesh of Humanity to the Gods or Spirit of the Divine. Participants would lose themselves in their primal nature, sacrificing their humanity to the liberated spirit of their animalistic forces within. This early form of shape-shifting, classically associated with the Werewolf and the Lunacy of the Full Moon, became a central aspect of these rites. Over time Pan also becomes associated with this Festival, as the primal forces of the Werewolf and the liberation of the animalistic identity allowed for the subsequent revelry of a primal Bacchanal to fertility and nature!

From this Greek root came the Roman Lupercalia, where the two main God Figures were celebrated as Lupa, the She Wolf Mother of the founders of Rome, and Lupercus, the Roman Pan. This combination brought together the purging of weakness and the foibles of our humanity with the freed spirit of our powerful primal nature, in a bacchanalian fertility festival of life! Which all in all is a far cry from the Hallmark Valentines Day of Love and Romance!

To translate the power and potential of this working to our modern times, we first look to purge ourselves of the petty issues and traps that bind us and our primal power within, so that we may better take on the challenge of life! Then, charged and free from the limitations and expectations society puts upon our flesh, we embrace our primal power within and celebrate the liberty of our nature and desires as we bring fertility and abundance to our lives and the year ahead. We do this in conjunction with the guidance and manifestation of the patron Gods of this Festival…
Io Lupa! (She-Wolf mother) Io Lupercus! (Pan)

This time around, this year, we find ourselves drowning in the muck and mire of our humanity and its foibles, from discordant relationships and insecurities to discordant politics and societal factions in collision! We so need to get off this ride and purge! We so need to set our pagan nature free and celebrate our liberty from the bonds of society! Let us be the Free Spirits who are outcast! This time, for once, being outcast offers us a sanctuary from the madness that is becoming mainstream society! Come liberate and embrace your pagan heart!

We return to another of our popular monthly Vision Quests. These have become some of the most popular and productive workings we have on a monthly basis at the store. Vision Quests are not only used to help awaken the Sight and Gifts in the Seeker, they offer a number of opportunities to connect with and receive gnostic insight into your path and practices in your Magic and practical life.

Please bring a salty snack to share for after the Vision Quest.
These can be powerful workings, so we recommend that you please be prepared to stay and engage in the after-Quest discussion while you ground and perhaps receive clarity on any insights you may have received.

These have become very popular and space is limited,
So Paid Reservations are required to secure your spot!
Cost is $23.00 $3.00 discount for cash


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